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Wi-Fi Thermostat - 5" Display

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  • SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY: This Alexa-enabled, internet-connected programmable thermostat simply connects to Wi-Fi to control temperature and settings from your smartphone or tablet (fully functional without Wi-Fi as well).
  • MODERN SLEEK TOUCH SCREEN: The full color, 5-inch display touchscreen allows easy scheduling to provide the most comfortable temperature for your home from anywhere
  • MULTI-USE COMPATIBILITY: Including heat pump (4 Heat, 2 Cool) or conventional (2 Heat, 2 Cool) systems, any 1-wire internally powered humidifier or dehumidifier, and most 24 VAC HVAC equipment on the market. 
  • C-WIRE REQUIRED: A C-wire (common wire) is required to power the unit. Two-wire systems are not supported. The C-wire is used to provide power to the thermostat and is available on most HVAC systems today that have three or more wires. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great thermostat option

We replaced another Wi-Fi thermostat with this one. The previous unit was confusing to use, couldn't be controlled outside our home, and we didn't like the heat/cool range capabilities it offered. This Bosch unit appeared to be more feature-rich and even looks better, so why not?!It is very important that you pay careful attention to the wiring and make sure it is compatible with your current setup. For instance, we didn't have a C (common) wire with our original thermostat, so we had to run one when we installed one of these display-driven thermostats. The wiring diagrams are available on Bosch's website. For us, the installation was not too difficult since we already had the proper wiring this time around. The only difference in this unit versus the last is that the O and B are separate connectors on the Bosch, while the prior unit had them merged with the W1. After some research, we found our unit doesn't need/use those anyway, so we were good.The mounting plate didn't align with our prior unit, so we had so do some wall patching and hole punching, but after that and determining the proper wiring diagram, we got everything hooked up and powered on.The display is nice and bright and easy to read. And the touchscreen works great. Setting things up was pretty painless. It walks you through each step. The only step that may be a bit confusing for some is the Schedule. It could be more intuitive. But once you get the hang of setting your schedule throughout the day, you can just copy it to the other days and adjust as necessary. Another option is to just select the default schedule, and then make the final changes via the mobile app.Speaking of, the mobile app is stellar. The only issue I would note is that it is icon heavy. Some icons are not easy to translate, so it would be nice if they added words/captions. Nonetheless, adjusting the temperature and other settings is a breeze on the app. And those changes take effect almost immediately.The nice thing about these thermostats is that you can set them to auto mode, with which it will run the heat when needed and run the a/c as needed. So you set a low point and high point, and the thermostat keeps the temperature within that range. We love that we can just set it and leave it. You can do this via the schedule, or set a temporary pattern if you like. Of course, if you prefer to adjust ad hoc, you can do so, and with this unit, you can even check the weather in your area right on the thermostat itself. No need to step outside.Unfortunately, this unit is not supported by Alexa or IFTTT yet. It seems Bosch has other goods in this line available in those services, so I'm hoping they add the Thermostat. For now, the app works fine, and even works when outside the home.Overall, we are very pleased with this Thermostat and look forward to the features Bosch adds in the future.

Bosch hits a home run

This device works great. Just last week it sent me an alert telling me that the house was below minimum temp. Wife had turned on the air during a warm day and never set it back to automatic. Used my app to reset the thermostat while away on work 1000 miles away. Does a great job!!

Works perfect and its Bosch

The brand speaks for itself, purchased this thermostat about 2 years ago, and it works fine so far. The convenience of wireless control from anywhere in the world is amazing. Will get a second unit for another house.

It took no time to install and was easy to follow directions for me - even though I ...

Researched multiple Wi-Fi thermostats before settling on this thermostat for our house. It took no time to install and was easy to follow directions for me - even though I am not the home improvement person in our house (didn't want my husband to break it and he doesn't follow directions at all)Easy to program once installed and hook up to our Wi-Fi. I definitely like that it works with or without Wi-Fi so we can manually adjust it when at home, but we can adjust it when we leave for the weekend or on vacation.


Overall a positive experience with this thermostat, which has been a big convenience for us. The screen is a great size, in that its not too large - it more like having a smart phone on the wall versus an iPad. This replaced a conventional digital thermostat on our main floor, which were constantly adjusting to balance well with the separate HVAC system on our second floor to get the two zones working well together depending on the temperature outside. It’s so much easier to do this with the wi-fi connection though the app in stead of walking downstairs to adjust one degree at night. The installation was relatively easy based on the instructions provided with the thermostat, in that all the possible wiring ports are labelled and there is a decent online manual. The trick is knowing which wire coming from your wall is which kind of connection, which itself will depend on what unit you are replacing. If you can’t tell, a professional may be needed, but it’s not the fault of BOSCH. The app is pretty basic, but doesn’t need to be fancy - just needs to set the temperature. This is not an artificial intelligent control, like certain competitors, with can self-learn the environment, but we don’t think this is a major loss. In addition to an easy to used interface touch screen, I'd recommend this unit to anyone looking for the convenience of regulating their heat and AC from their phone.