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16.4 Feet LED Strip Lights

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  • Hands-Free Voice Control: The LED strip lights work with both Alexa & Google Assistant. Free up your hands and power your lights on and off, change colors, and adjust the brightness with simple voice commands.
  • Wireless Smart App: The Govee Home app offers you advanced control over your LED lights and access to incredible features like the customizable DIY mode and a convenient timer function.
  • Music Sync: A built-in mic allows the LED lights to sync to any music type.
  • Ambient Light: Our 16.4ft smart strip lights are equipped with 5050 LED beads, making them bright enough to illuminate your bedroom, kitchen, porches, and holiday parties. Note: these LED lights are not waterproof and are designed for indoor use ONLY.
  • Easy to Install: Our all-in-one light kits come with an ETL listed adapter, strong adhesive, and 5 support clips. Simply attach the lights to any dry, clean surface, and reinforce them with the clips for more security.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great Budget Smart Strip Light Option!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought this product to add some mood lighting to my bedroom. I was able to quickly add it to my Google Home for voice control. Much more affordable than other options. This didn't come with a remote control, but I wasn't actually looking for one. I wanted something that would integrate with my Google Home for voice control using the Google Assistant. The instructions to connect were easy to follow. The music sync was a nice, unexpected bonus, but your phone must be in Bluetooth mode (as opposed to Wi-Fi mode) to use this and other options. You can control color, brightness and timer issues when it's in Wi-Fi mode. Great purchase. Will buy again for other parts of the home.


Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Wow! INSTANT UPGRADE TO ANY ROOM!Whether it’s a gaming room, your bedroom, a man cave, home theatre...kitchen, seriously any room these can elevate the entire room!When installing I noticed how the adhesive strip was 3M and super high quality! I had no problems sticking them to the back outline of my desk and television and everything stayed in place perfectly without the included clips!The brightness is awesome and in a darker room or at night absolutely pop! My neighbor said my bedroom looked like a disco at night seeing the lights radiate from my window! The remote control lets your control the colors, patterns of blinking and speeds! Basically everything you can want and a crazy good value for how nice these are!10/10 recommend!

Best lights thus far

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have some others, but trying to make the odd shaped loop to get them to take a corner under my desk caused it to split in a section and the light colors be off. I ordered these and bought L brackets as well. Not only did these adhere much better to the bottom of my desk, but not having the clear gel coating made it possible to use L brackets on the corners. I tested the lights before installing them with brackets on. Setup was easy and integration with Alexa works like a charm. The only thing I wish they had was a chasing pattern or marquee pattern. Overall I am very happy with how these turned out and would recommend getting these for any underneath installation. Good bright colors that are easy to adjust. I made a color fade with all colors except white in the DIY menu.

Exactly What I Wanted

After running into several disappointments with various controllable RGB items in the last few months, I was very happy that these actually did deliver everything I was hoping for. The adhesive is very strong. Admittedly they are a bit difficult to deal with around corners, but doable. I love that the strips are able to be cut to fit a smaller length. The physical controller does quite a bit on its own to set a variety of solid colors and brightness, but the Govee app gave me everything I was hoping for. I really wanted to be able to set a color "scheme" with several different colors and I was able to do that (right now I have it set to fade from teal to pink to purple). Very easy to set up and use. I love that once I set a custom color setting, I can still use the physical controller to just push the button on and off and it will still use my setting.

Faulty set but great customer service!

Lights came in nicely packaged and exactly as I was expecting. I plugged them in before I installed and one strip of the lights didnt light up correctly. One side would light the chosen color and the other would not. They would only do green and amber simultaneously. If I choose red or purple they would malfunction.I emailed their customer service and I got a quick reply in a few hours. I had to go back and forth a few times because they had a few questions. After they were satisfied that the lights were defective they quickly shipped a replacement and they are working perfectly. My kids are very happy with these lights and so far they are working perfectly.They jive with Alexa but are limited with voice commands. You can have Alexa turn the lights on and off plus change the basic colors. She cant change the mode, blend or dim. My daughter is good with that. Personally I bought 5 more with just the remote and we are more satisfied.