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Air Purifier - White & Blue

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  • AIR PURIFIER - Filters out 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. This air purifier filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger air pollution of PM 2.5, helping to improve overall health.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY AIR CLEANER - Equipped with 3-Stage Filtration system including Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Filter which can effectively remove odor and smoke.
  • 360 DEEP PURIFICATION - Efficient air intake and discharge maximize fresh and healthy air provided to all directions, improving the air circulation in your room. It can clean 55 cubic meters of air per hour in normal mode and consume less than 0.002 units of power.
  • WHISPER QUIET, ENERGY-SAVING - In the quiet mode, the noise is controlled under 25dB with the cutting-edge noise reducing fan blade design. You will barely be able to hear it at arm's length. It consumes only 0.192 units of electricity with a rated power of 8W.

Customer Reviews

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Great for pets

I love it so far. Such a good price for the quality. I have two rabbits in my bedroom and their hay always causes me allergies. This made the air feel and smell and breathe so much cleaner than before in just a couple if hours being plugged in. It also even cooled down the room by what feels like several degrees. I will probably be purchasing several more for around the house, including in my nail studio where I know it will be beneficial to collect dust and reduce odors. I also had no issue getting it delivered in California.

Very bright, somewhat loud, does it's job

I definitely notice a difference with my pet allergies/cat litter box smell when this thing is on v. when it's off. It takes up minimal space in my small apartment, which is great, and can definitely work for an area that's just over 300sqft so perfect for an office or individual room.It has a high and low setting. The high setting is about as loud as a computer fan, though if you like a little white noise, it's great. The low setting is barely noticeable. I do have one in my bedroom and the brightness is kind of annoying. I'm not sure how to turn the light down or off while the purifier is working.Side note: I wanted a super small air purifier that I could travel with to help with allergies. While this is the smallest purifier I could find, it would definitely take up quite a bit of room in your travel bag.

Whisper quiet on low speed

I have allergy issues and have been using air purifiers for a long time to help with the symptoms. This one has two speeds and what I like about it is that on the low speed it is whisper quiet. I save the higher speed for when I am not in the room or when I leave the house. Even the higher speed is not that loud especially compared to some of the older ones I've had. It does shine rather brightly so I keep it in the living room instead of the bedroom so it doesn't bother me at night. Update: I didn't realize until my husband started fiddling with it that you can turn the light off completely while it is still on. The light will come back on again when you turn it back on, but at least you can turn it off.

Great Air Purifier - Use 1/2 inch Electrical Tape to Cover Up Bright Light Band

I bought two of these air purifiers and I love them both. I have one for my bedroom at home and one at my desk at work. I was having tons of problems with allergies especially at work. There is definitely something that I'm allergic to at work and there was a Monday that I could just feel like my airway was becoming really irritated and I was short of breath while standing and had to sit. I did end up with an allergy attack but the next day, Tuesday. I could only handle about 2 to 3 hours at work before I had another allergy attack. This time my inhaler didn't work and I had to leave work and go get a breathing treatment. On Wednesday I just went on and found this air purifier and it fit all of my requirements. Friday of that week I brought the one in to work and I haven't been sick at all since then!!! The downside is that on high the air purifier is not quiet but it is like white noise. And then the one at home. Okay, it is bright in the dark. People have added photos of the air purifier in the dark and it is bright. However, there is a little trick to take care of this situation. The blue light that goes around on the outside is about a 1/2 inch thick which is the same size of the black electrical tape that I used to cover up that light. Why didn't anyone else come up with this idea? The both air purifiers are absolutely awesome and yeah they make noise and the light is bright and there is a work around. I would definitely recommend this air purifier just keep in mind if it's going to be on in a bedroom at night, cover up the blue light band that goes around the air purifier with 1/2 inch black electrical tape. Seriously, why didn't anyone else figure this problem out? If anyone does try covering up the blue light band with electrical tape, please respond and be honest about if the black electrical tape worked for you or not. Try it, you'll like it, even if your name isn't Mikey (old commercial reference).

Works well in the bathroom!

The tough thing is knowing exactly how well this filters the air. It looks like it should work, sounds like it's working, and had a lot of good reviews, so I feel good about it and have no reason to give it less than 5 stars. I don't know that I'd trust anything but I very well known big brand with air purifiers capable of filtering out the coronavirus or pathogens or anything like that, though. There's too much at stake for them to mess up.But for my purposes, this was great! The settings are high, low, and off. The high is about as loud as a floor fan on medium speed and the low is like a desk fan on medium speed but maybe a little quieter. I'm using it in the bathroom for some white noise and to clear the air for my partner lol, and it seems to work just fine.