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Air Purifier - White & Black

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  • Upgraded Silent & Powerful Design: The 360-Purification Performance and Low noise air purifier allow you to enjoy high-quality sleeping.
  • Compact & Powerful: Its small size and modern design make it easy to fit in any small areas or rooms, yet powerful enough to deliver cleaned air 10-30m3/h. No ozone and UV-C light. Noise Level: 30dB.
  • Quick And Easy Operation: One-touch switch equipped with a delicate blue LED light. Press the button again to enter into sleep mode to dim light, it will power off 8 -hours later automatically. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Keeping hubby sane!

After 4 months my husbands job made him go back to work in the office. He has been freaking out so i got him this to give him a little piece of mind. Its very quiet that sometimes he forgets to turn it off when he leaves work. Cant really say if it works or not but least its giving him a better piece of mind and hes not freakinf out and worring as much so thats a huge benefit.

No more allergies!

I used to cough while sleeping. I always thought my throat was getting dry. After a friend recommended me to get a air purifier. I have let it running for 6hrs before sleep. My throat is not dry any more. Turns out i am allergic to something. Thankfully this air purifier comes with hepa filter. So thats what my docters recommedee while i get my tests done


So far so good. It is very quiet as described. I have it in my bedroom that gets very dusty and often my allergies act up but since running it for someday I haven't needed it yet! The light I don't notice it because it's very faint and I have it on the other side of my bed. I'm going to get the filter to add essential oil to add some smell with the fresh air!

Definitely worth buying

My daughter and I have severe asthma and are allergic to dust. I've had this thing for about two months now and can feel a huge difference whenever it's on. In fact we have to have it on almost constantly, especially when the heat is running. Old apartment with an old heating system but with this thing on you can't even tell! Wonderful product.

Great for the guinea pig room!

We have two guinea pigs. We clean their area a few times a day and we use fleece, but we still sometimes could smell just a hint of odor. This unit arrived quickly and I hooked it up right away. I couldn't believe the different the next morning when I opened the door. It was so fresh in the room! This is a great purchase for a small area.