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Wireless Earbuds - 40-Hours Playtime

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  • Perfect for Home Offices: Each earbud has two microphones with beamforming noise reduction and cVc 8.0 technology for superior vocal enhancement and background-noise suppression.
  • Incredible Sound Powered By Graphene Drivers: Delivers music with a wider soundstage and exceptional accuracy and clarity. BassUp technology enhances bass by up to 43% and aptX audio offers lossless transmission between your device and the wireless earbuds.
  • 40-Hour Playtime: With Fast Charge: A single charge gives you a full 7-hours of listening, while the charging case extends that to 40-hours. If in a hurry, simply charge for 10-minutes and get up to 1-hour of playtime.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Could not pair left bud. Update - great customer service solved issue

Could not pair/sync left ear bud to laptop or phone. Right side worked fine. Returned for refund.OK. Update! Anker actually read this review and personally emailed me apologizing the buds didn’t work and sent another pair free of charge! Sure!, why not?!Got them within a week. Now these buds paired up easily. They come with 5 ear plugs to perfectly fit whatever ear size. These things have BASS! The treble is clear and bass is deep without distortion. Actually too much bass. The midrange sounded like it was in the back but a little adjustment of the EQ on the phone and it came up front. Sometimes it takes a little manipulation to get them seated in your ear just right to get that deep bass in good tune. Oh, and the sound cancellation really works. My wife was yelling at me and I couldn’t hear a thing outside of my music. Time will tell if these buds are reliable but so far, I’m impressed. You will also. Thank you ,Anker for the great customer service. (They really do care!)

Amazing value for $50, provides 90% value of more expensive alternatives. Box could be slimmer.

I wanted in-ear Bluetooth headphones for working out or general everyday use. Didnt want the apple pod thing coz, well it's kinda looks douchey. The Bose and ones looked dorky with all that bulk sticking out of your ear. So I landed on these. The black color is definitely better than white ones offered by other brands. The smaller stem size helps keep them low profile too. Connectivity is a breeze. Sound is great, although an audiophile would disagree based on reviews. I'm not that picky about sound quality, this probably gets 90% of the way there, which is good enough for me. Battery life has been fantastic so far. The head phones connect to the phone between the time you remove them from the box and put them in your ear. Super convenient ... But speaking of the box. That's probably the only thing I would improve. It's a little too bulky to go into a jeans pocket or even the inside pocket of a sport coat. Maybe slim it down a little, and this thing would be perfect. The side buttons can pause, play and skip songs. I use my apple watch to change the volume if needed during workouts since the headphones don't have a direct option.Overall, for $50 these are fantastic. I really can't justify spending 2x -3x more on more sophisticated headphones for the marginal benefits. We live in a great times where a couple hours pay can buy you awesome tech products like these.UPDATE: I've had these for about 6 months now. Still working great. Battery's holding up. The make and finish is solid. Still connects very quickly to the phone.I did find a couple of issues though:- Mic quality is very ordinary. I was using these for phone calls and people kept asking me to repeat myself. Tested them on the audio recorder and it sounded quite muffled, compared with directly speaking into the phone or using the wired apple headphones that come with the phone.- On the rare occasions i do end up using these for phone calls, the connection breaks after about 10 minutes. Pretty annoying.Long story short - Can't use them for phone calls or Zoom meetings. Still work great as just headphones.

Best customer service I have ever experienced

UPDATE 5/30/2020:It is a really unique experience for me to have had such personal contact with a company that is trying to follow up and make sure I was happy and satisfied with the their product I ordered. I did not initially contact AnkerDirect about my inability to get these earpods to lodge securely in my ears because I figured it was my problem and that I should deal with it. But Karen from AnkerDirect reached out to me, unbidden, in an effort to solve my problem. And then repeatedly followed up with successive efforts and products to help. After many efforts in sending me different products to try, I have sadly realized that my ears are not built for earpods.Looking through my records, I see that I have been ordering products from AnkerDirect since 2015, and have been very happy with all the products I received from them. This experience with the company just reinforces the confidence I have in AnkerDirect's products and services,and I look forward to dealing with AnkDirect in the future.INITIAL REVIEW:These came with several different size covers for the ear buds, but none of them fit my ears. No matter what I do, these ear buds immediately fall out of my ears. For this reason, I really can't rate sound quality, noise cancellation or battery life accurately, but because I had to select something, I gave them two stars.

Finally found the perfect totally wireless ear pods

I have tried so many different brands of ear pods and have finally found a keeper!I have been plagued by ear pods that have hurt my ears, had poor sound quality, had bad microphone pickup, fell out of my ears, etc. etc. Not these.PERFECT!! Right out of the box, the pre--installed cushions fit my ears perfectly. Just in case though, there are other sizes that come with them. I put them in my ears, gave a little twist and they are not coming out until I take them out. The sound is incredible and because of the great fit (and I am sure great technology beyond my comprehension) they are great at cancelling outside noise. They actually do such a great job I feel self-conscious when wearing them and eating because it sounds like I am eating so loudly. Besides the fit, I have to really boast about the battery life. I have owned these for almost a month and I have yet to charge them. I probably use them a couple of hours at a time so nothing too long but the battery just keeps going and going. Here is the feature that clinched it for me though: the microphone. I do a lot of remote work and needed a pair of ear pods that people could hear me with. Phone calls, Google Meet, and Facetime. All of the other ones I have tried (except wired) have had horrible microphones where people couldn't hear me or it sounded like I was in a tunnel. Due to the 4 microphones on these, my calls are crystal clear (even in a crowded airport) and my video chats are undaunted with horrible sound. People can hear me, they can understand me, and some background noises are muted.I have used these at the gym, walking the neighborhood, working in the house, doing yardwork, walking through the airport, and on the airplane. Works great in all situations!I looked at buying the expensive Apple Air Pods and even Beats and others that would have cost over a hundred or couple hundred dollars. I'm glad I took the chance on these from Anker. They have made me VERY HAPPY!

In this price range ($50-70 US) these are a great choice!

Bottomline - I recommend these to anyone on a budget or just doesn't want to spend a sket-ton of money. You WILL be happy with these!I took delivery of these one week ago. had an extra $10 US coupon available. I paid a bt over $40 US. I had been using Apple Air Pod gen1's since those were first released. They lasted almost three years before the battery was so weak I knew I had to get a replacement and I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money. I researched many wireless headsets of all kinds and price ranges. I wanted something that had good sound, easy controls, the latest bluetooth, and of course long battery life. These hit all the marks and thensome! IF you're in the market for a good quality, inexpensive wireless ear buds, take a good look at these. You won't be disappointed.PRO's: 40 hour charge (base and buds), the 6mm drivers provide clear sound, a good amount of outside noise is kept to a minimum. I'm not sure how much ANC comes from the Qualcomm chipset, or just the fact these are rubber ear buds sealing up your hearing canal. There is no way to shutoff ANC to compare. Comes with extra buds in three different sizes, they feel solid when you hold them. Not like some cheap plastic. I do a lot of outdoor work and on cars as a hobby and these don't fall out like my Air Pods always did. You can wear just the left or right if you want. I used them for a few conference calls from my car. Audio was crystal clear. Comfortable to wear. WIthin minutes I usually forget they're even there. Comes with a 12" USB-C charge cable.CON's: Not really a con given the price of these, but these are not touch-controlled. Each ear bud has a push-button to control the various options like volume, skip, and answer calls. I find the buds are sometimes difficult to get them out of the charge case. Probably because my fingers are too big. More than once I went to take them out and managed to 'pop' one of them up and out on to the floor. No visual battery indicator. Just an audilbe "Battery High", "Battery Low" voice as you insert each ear bud.