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Fitness Tracker Watch - Light Pink

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  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure & Sleep Monitoring: This fitness tracker watch tracks real-time heart rate automatically and continuously, and it automatically tracks your sleep duration and consistency with a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.
  • All-day Activity Tracking Sports Tracking: 16-sports modes for specific activities such as steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep status.
  • See Calls & Important Messages on Your Wrist: This watch can receive calls, calendar, SMS, and SNS.
  • Built-in USB Plug & Waterproof: Easy to charge your smart watch with any USB block and computer; no charging cable and dock needed. One single charge gives you up to 7-days of working time. The IP67 water-resistant watch can be worn when running in the rain and washing hands. Do not wear it when showering, swimming, or diving.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Tracker does what you need

my son have had this tracker for over a week now and will say that I prefer it over my Movado watch. It will tell you how long you have slept, steps taken, running and much more. Oh did I mention you can get text messages sent to it. Over all I love this tracker and would recommend it to anyone.

Great tracker Great price

I can't say enough about this fitness tracker I have checked it against my Fitbit and it has more features and does an excellent job of keeping me informed of my temperature, pulse,blood pressure and oxygen level. Fitbit only measures my steps and pulse cost 5 times more than this tracker. The app is easy to use and the battery lasts close to 2 weeks.

UPDATE! I really wanted to like this fitness tracker

UPDATE BELOW. I really wanted to like this fitness tracker because it is supposed to have all the features that I want, but the watch screen has No messages screen even though it says that it receives text messages etc alerts. and I'm not even getting a sound alert. Yes my settings are turned on and correct. I have owned many fitness trackers so I know how to operate these things. I would really like someone to contact me about it. I'm really irritated because I hate to return an item, but if I cant get the notification alerts to work I will be returning it. Another thing I don't like about this fitness tracker is that you can't close out the app on your phone because if you do this fitness tracker disconnects from your blue tooth connection. You have to pin the app to your phone screen so the app stays running in the background.UPDATE: I was able to figure out my message alerts. I realized that it doesn't have it's own message screen like my other one does so you can't view past alerts, but you do get your message alerts and the watch vibrates to let you know. So you turn on your screen and first thing you see is your message alert, but if you don't look at your alert right away it goes away after awhile and you can't view it later. Example, on my other fitness tracker I can go to the message alert screen and look at all my past alerts. The message alert shows up, but after you look at your message alert it goes back to the home screen and then the message alert completely disappears and you can't view it again later. So other than this fitness tracker Not having a message screen it does have a lot of other features and all the features I wanted and works well actually. The app this one uses is decent too and has a lot of different settings in the app. A really cool feature I figured out that it has in the app is you can download your own background picture from your own phone gallery and use it for your watch face.

Using sleep settings

How does sleep setting work


For the price I was not expecting more than 'ballpark' estimates. I tested the blood pressure against my Omron blood pressure. Omron said 110/70 and the band said 111/69. The heart rate on both was equal (the band showed a running measurement but the average was on track). The blood oxygen (which was not in the item description but I am pleased it is built in) was on par with my finger testing unit. Skin temperature is a new on for me. Mine said 91.0 degrees F (I answered the person in the Q and A on how to change C to F). I will assume that is my average skin temperature and now I will get an early indication if I am running a fever (it will help keep my COVID paranoia to a minimum). I hope the sleep tracking is as good as the rest of the functions. For the price I am very pleased with my purchase and will be buying on for my mother as it is very easy to operate.