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Indoor Security Camera - Black

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  • Motion Detection Alerts -Real-time motion detection alerts when a person or thing passes by the camera. A notification is sent to your smartphone through the app to notify you quickly. You can change the Motion Detection Sensitivity within the Settings of the MIPC app.
  • 1080P HD Visuals - 1080P HD quality image and video recording day or night. Powerful, crystal clear visuals provide stable and secure video quality. 350 Horizontal and 100 Vertical lens rotation range. Built-in advanced night vision technology allows a 32 ft. viewing range in the dark.
  • Cloud Data Storage - Save all of your recorded video data and images using the simple Cloud feature. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good quality for the price.

I tried a different camera before and had to return it due to inability to turn off the sound when it was connecting to Wi-Fi (which it did multiple times a day for no reason).This time after reading multiple reviews I made a choice to order the TETHYS camera (I bough two). Each of my bearded dragons has a camera now. The picture quality is fair enough. The connection to the Wi-Fi is quite stable even if the router in another room, approximately 30 feet away. What I love the most - it is so easy to turn off any sounds this camera can make! And I also was able to turn off the motion detection and the night mode, because colored lights are not good for my pets' vision.This camera is definitely worth the money! I hope it will work long enough.

Fast, easy setup. Great value, great picture.

Out of the box, setup took less than 10 minutes, including plugging it in, and setting it up on my phone. The app is clear, and setting up the camera took only a few steps. The setup pretty much runs itself. I was able to easily open the app, select my camera, and look at myself looking at the camera. Scrolling the camera is a bit laggy, but works great. Zoom control is great, and the 2 way audio works just as it should. I'm very happy with this, especially at the price point. There is more to explore, such as the storage, and option to use a Micro SD. That will come with time.

A Great security camera for inside your home

This is a great he wireless camera that will monitor the room 24/7. It is very easy to install and it works great with echo show.The picture is black an white. It’s very clear and has settings to adjust clearness. There s an app to monitor the room while away and it has speakers to listen and talk . It can link to your server thru Ethernet cable or WiFi .I am very pleased with my security camera. I would recommend this camera to everyone

Exactly what we wanted. Very happy with the quality

The picture quality is great especially for a camera at this price. It’s very easy to set up the phone notifications. We purchased this to keep an eye on the cats when they are in the loft because we’ve had some “spots” on the chairs. The motion detection sensitivity is able to be adjusted so the smaller animals will still set it off. My husband goes a little nuts because of all the notifications at night when the cats are playing up there but it’s what we wanted. Definitely recommend if you want to monitor an area only when there’s activity.

Great product, great value

I was a bit hesitant about this camera at first because of the price; however, I will say I was pleasantly surprised!So many great features really make this camera superior. The quality of the video is honestly what impressed me the most. Additionally, it can be remotely turned to view all angles and spaces. It nearly goes a complete 360 horizontally and fully covers floor to ceiling. The app interface could use a bit of improvement but overall highly recommended.