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Smart Speaker - Black - 5.5" Display

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  • The compact 5.5 smart display is ready to help manage your day, entertain at a glance, and connect you to friends and family.
  • Ask Alexa to show you movie trailers, TV shows, movies, or the news. Or listen to radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks.
  • Control your smart home voice control compatible devices or manage them on the easy-to-use display. Ask Alexa to show you security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats. 
  • Turn off the microphone and camera with one press of a button. Slide the built-in shutter to cover the camera for your safety and privacy. 

Customer Reviews

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Member of the family that secretly records everything you say an do.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Meet George Jetson.....Alexia his wife...just watch the video....

My favorite Echo device is the Show 5

Why I like it. Many of the features I like are also in many ECHO DEVICES. I have Prime. No shock there.I have Unlimited music. I make reminders, I set alarms to music. I watch prime videos by verbal command.I can adjust the place in the move with my finger. I can watch movies when I work by my computer or watch or listen to the news. I have watched CBS NEWS video live. I have a stand that rotates that I bought for the ECHO SPOT and it works on the SHOW 5 really well. So I turn the 5 toward my bed when I am going to sleep and toward my PC as my PC is next to my bed. The 96$ price I think really makes this great. It is small enough to use by your bed or put by your PC.I have already used it for a video call. Again, since I play music and prime video, I really won't go to a google display and I don't think google will play Prime video. I have 3 dots, 2 spots and the SHOW 5. I really like the show 5 the best.I want to address a complaint I have read a few times. When you start using the Echo Show 5, you will see the screen change a lot and flash different things at you. What do you do ?1 Go to Setting at the top right. 2 select CLOCK and HOME 3 Select HOME CONTENT. 4 turn off the switchROTATE CONTINUOUSLY if you want nothing to change. This sort of screen changing is also there on the ECHO SPOT. Please don't let this setup bother you like it has some. Just adjust it.

I feel like many of these reviews don't understand how to use this device...

... and it's getting a bad rap because of those reviews. It seems that many of the "most helpful" reviews aren't actually helping since they are filled with bad information or wildly high expectations.Over and over, in the "most helpful" reviews, I read about "ads" displaying. This does NOT ever display ads, it displays Alexa skills and things to try with your device. I read that people cannot get that to stop happening. It's right in the settings: go to: ---Home & Clock--- then: ---Home Content--- then, turn off ---Discovery---, that will end the Alexa skills displaying (may cycle once after setting but then they're gone for good). I kept reading that people who want to use it as a clock were upset that the clock kept getting minimized (to left corner) to show other things. That's because, yet again, they aren't setting it up correctly. So, in the settings: go to: ---Home & Clock--- then: ---Home Content--- then, turn off ---Rotate Continuously---, that will make the Home screen always display a full screen clock. You can also just turn off any content in that list. Note that each time you go into the settings, immediately after, it WILL show you a single skill or any content you left on. But that's it. It will just be a clock from then on, until you interact with it again and then it may display a single skill or that content. Once. Then back to being a full time clock.Full disclosure: I got this to use as an alarm clock and not as a primary viewing assistant. For that, I recommend the larger echo devices. I also got this on Prime Day for $50 (rather than $90). That's a screaming good deal for what is basically a voice activated, smart alarm clock with a lot of different options.Decent Alarm clocks run $30-50 anyways so I thought I'd give this device a try for $50. I should have bought 2. Even for $90, I feel like this is a great device but if you wait, it will eventually go on sale again. I don't intend to use it to watch TV shows or movies, I have TVs, tablets and PCs for that. I saw people mentioning being disappointed in the resolution or screen quality. I don't see the problem. This certainly isn't going to compare to your $300-800 smart phone screen but it's not bad looking when playing videos or displaying the clock. It's similar to say, an iPhone 3 or Galaxy S2. I feel like the people complaining are expecting "the moon" for the money this costs. It's $90. Not $150 or $200.Just wanted to clear that up as it seems to be discouraging users from buying it as a clock/alarm clock. I feel like could make that more clear since this seems to get used for an alarm clock (or clock) pretty frequently. The included instructions are not comprehensive either. It's basically a "get started" card. They probably should include a "how to get the best clock experience" how-to.Stuff I really like: I think it is pretty cool that I can watch the daily news briefing on my alarm clock. I can get the weather for today or the week's forecast displayed. I can play music with decent sound (much better than most clocks sound) on my alarm clock. It displays the date and weather information in the top left corner and alarm time in the top right. All of that is voice activated. I can also use my voice to set the alarm (and turn it off) rather than fiddling with 3-4 buttons, or holding one down while it cycles through 24 hours. You can also manually set it in the settings with the touch screen. The alarm sound can also be set to come on quietly and gradually increase in volume. It also sets it's own time automatically. It's great to have one less clock to reset (or swap batteries). The screen can automatically dim at night or you can just manually set a time-frame to do so. The camera has an actual shutter for privacy ( in addition to the button that shuts it and the mic off).The downside to using this as an alarm clock is if the power goes out, you get nothing. There is no battery backup. If you live in an area where that happens frequently, you may want a back-up alarm (like, say, your phone) or just avoid getting this unit altogether. Aside from that, I really can't find anything to nitpick about it.This is a pretty solid little device. It looks good, it feels like the build quality is solid and it isn't enormous. It isn't as nice as the full size Echo Shows in content, screen quality and sound quality (I bought Mom an Echo Show, I have many dots), but it's a nice middle ground between those full sized units and the echo dot. I feel like that's what was aiming for and they nailed it. It's exactly what I'd hoped it would be. It's a fantastic alarm clock....Note: The micro USB port in the back is for hooking up Ethernet (wired internet) using an Ethernet adapter. This won't be necessary or useful for most people but if you are getting poor WiFi signal, it's nice to have that available. (I had to research that as I couldn't figure out what the point of that port was)....I will update review if it becomes a problematic alarm cl...

Love My Echo Show 5!

We have the large Echo, 4 Echo Dots, an Echo Spot, and now the Echo Show 5 -- I love them all! The Echo Show 5 was easy to get set up and is great to use. I have it by my bed (don't need an alarm clock, we're retired!) and I really like the clock face. It's nice and big, easy to read with my old eyes. I have it set to dim down at night so it won't cast too much light in our bedroom, but it's still very readable. There are nice clockfaces which are easy to change. I also purchased the magnetic stand so I could angle it down to make it easier for me read the time. It works great with our Ring Doorbell and Ring Security System, just like the rest of our Echos. I'm very pleased with the Echo Show 5 and would recommend it. The price is right too!

Great Economy AI, Touch Screen Makes it a Real Winner

Update 2: In hotels the last two weeks, this a great travel companion. The touch screen makes it so easy to connect in an hotel room. This will always have a place in my suitcase.Update: I travel for a living. Alexa is always with me, although some hotel wifis are a challenge. At the Hilton Gas Lamp, San Diego, my first trip with 5, setup was relatively easy, despite the under 5mbps dismal wifi speed. Success. Touch screens forever! SD Comic Con 50th Anniversary.Update: I think my 5 needs a firmware update. It has begun connecting and disconnecting to the Bluetooth speaker I've used for a year. After replacing the batteries in my Echo Wall Clock, my 5 won't connect to two devices at once. I'm lowering my review to 4 stars for now. Okay , it's your move.I am deep into things Alexa. I'm had one or more since November 6, 2014. I loved the Show when it came out, and I've given two away as gifts.The Spot has been my "Bedside Clock," for quite awhile. When word of the Show 5 coming out, I gave my Spot to a colleague, then pre-ordered the 5.Just before it came out, ran a sale, knocking $15 off the cost of one, so I bought two.They are as advertised. Alexa has become very smooth...every iteration has gotten better.The 5 is small, much harder to see, but there's nothing wrong with picture...and touch. Good touch screen. The speaker is just okay, but l've Bluetoothed it to a premium speaker for listening to Audible in bed.As usual, everything is well done, for the price, and, again, gets easier to use each iteration.For me, the price is great. Everything works. Highly Recommended.