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Smart Door Lock - Black - 4-in-1 Keyless Entry

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  • Personalized Keyless Entry Door Lock - 4-in-1 Keyless Entry automated door locks, Code + Smartphone (Press unlock button to unlock, Long Press Locked/enter passcode and press "#" to unlock + E-key +Share Password + ALEXA (need extra gateway) + Key.
  • Smarter Unlocking Method - This lock comes with an intimate EKEY function. You can authorize people who have downloaded and registered the app, and they can unlock themselves through the app. The lock is also compatible with Alexa. 
  • Unlock/Lock Anytime Anywhere - In the Bluetooth range, you can unlock via Bluetooth without connecting to the network. If you are not in the Bluetooth range, you can buy a WiFi Bridge. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Easy to use

Before we get it our child always lost her key when she played outside. But now we don’t need to bring keys to anywhere with this looking pretty smart electronic key. You can use it very easily. Also easy to install for your door. Must recommended!

Love, LOVE this

a husband that won't read directions! Once it was on, and we downloaded the app-awesome and he was even thrilled!!!Love that I can send one code and I don't have to delete it.

Great features, great price

I finally did it, found a solution, for a reasonable price, to get into the house when the power is out. It is also convenient to let family in while we are away. An electronic lock within my price range.

Nice product, works as adverstised.

Received the product this morning. Installed over existing deadbolt lock with no additional modification. I did not drill an additional hole on the door as the lock holds itself in place securely. Installation instruction could be more complete but nothing major if you are a somewhat handy person. Lock appears to be well made and the TTlok app (Android) woks well. I will add the wifi gateway when it arrives for the additional functionalities that I bought this unit for.Update: installed the gateway from SMONET and works great so far. Gateway does require close proximity placement to the lock. Mine is about 10ft away.

Modern, Stylish, Convenient, Reliable

I’ve owned and used two of these locks for the past six months, here’s my review. The locks were easy to install with the provided screwdriver, no modifications to the door were required. It was also easy to add the locks to the app and set up key codes. The keypad has a beautiful finish and looks impressive. Locking mechanism is bulky, but sturdy. The rechargeable batteries I’m using provide about 6 months of daily use. Customer service was responsive and dedicated to resolving an issue. It may be difficult to find replacement keys, as these don’t seem to be common in the US.