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Digital Picture Frame - 9" - Black

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  • A PERFECT GIFT TO KEEP YOU CONNECTED: Instantly share photos from your phone to an Aeezo digital photo frame through the free frameo app. Invite unlimited friends and family to share pictures to your frame or send photos to their frames all via WiFi.
  • FREE PHOTO TRANSFER: Frame is a pro-photo-management app originated from Denmark with users in 25+ countries around the world. With the USB port and SD card slot you have more options for file storage and management.
  • HIGH DEFINITION TOUCH SCREEN: The 9" IPS HD touch screen with 1280*800 resolution can display amazing clear and vivid landscape and portraits, recalling your precious memories. 
  • AUTO-ROTATE & LARGE INTERNAL STORAGE: This picture frame can automatically rotate photos to adjust the direction, which allows you to place the WiFi photo frame in either portrait or landscape mode or on the wall. The built-in 16GB Memory empowers a huge capability of storage and it also supports a max 64GB SD card or USB driver for file management.

Customer Reviews

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Family Fun

I purchased the frame for my parents as a Christmas gift. My brother and I set up the frame prior to Christmas. Downloading the apps on our phone and downloading pictures to the app which easily uploaded to the frame. The entire process was seamless. The granddaughter even has the app on her phone to upload pictures as well. The only minor downfall is the number of steps on the app but meaningful steps in order to upload pictures. The touchscreen on the frame is easy to use. Great gift!


I love this digital picture frame so much I've bought 3! Our whole family loves looking at the photos. There is tons of space for photos too! I upload them from my phone using the Frameo app. I wish I could upload more than 10 at a time but I make it work. It's easy to have others share to the frame as well. The picture quality is pretty good. I guess if it were a bigger frame I'd be able to see better but at this price point ($90) it works for me. I have been able to upload one or two 15 second videos but after that it won't let me. I contacted Frameo but they weren't much help. So I just upload photos instead of videos.

Great Technology!

This frame is so awesome! I have not had a different digital frame before so I can't compare but this frame holds so many pictures and can be used with an app that can put different pictures on your own frame or someone else's. This would be an amazing gift for grandparents to send updated pictures of the grand kids or family. Also this frame is big enough to see the pictures but not too big that its like a computer screen

Super Awesome!

It took a few tries to get my phone added to the app, but it was no big deal... technology always has it quarks. So, you shouldn't get discouraged, if this happens to you. The whole process was SUPER EASY! The app is great, the picture quality is fantastic, and the frame is very attractive.Over the years I swore I was going to organize our family photos, then make an album or something... yeah right that never happened. It saddened me that so many photos were not being enjoyed... that's not the case anymore. With this frame I can, almost effortlessly, compile lots and lots of pictures in one place. We can't stop staring at it, lol.Some basic info about the frame:Pictures are stored in the frame's own memory for privacy, you can upload up to 10 pictures at a time, there is a timer so the frame shuts off at night, comments can be added to the bottom of each picture, the amount of time a picture is displayed can be adjusted, and it's touch screen.Anywho, we are going to buy more, my mother wants one for Christmas and so does a family friend.

Very easy setup, super responsive display, vibrant colors

I have been eyeing up a digital frame for a couple of years now after seeing one at my in-laws house. I was looking for something with easy setup, wireless connectivity and an HD display. This model fit the bill and with a sale running, I took advantage of it.To be honest, I didn't even read the instructions. I pulled the unit out of the box, plugged it in, turned it on and followed the on screen instructions to pair with my WiFi. From there, download the Frameo app on your smart phone or tablet and enter the pairing code on the screen of your digital picture frame. Next, allow the app access to your stored photos and video from your smartphone, tell the app which ones you want sent to your new picture frame and you are literally up and running. A few minutes later I had my wife pair her phone and she can now send photos over as well.The display is absolutely stunning. The colors are vivid and vibrant. With some of the new portrait filters on the smart phone platforms, it looks like a professional photographer took the photos and those stunning results show up wonderfully on this display. You can also add video, change the scroll speed and view in portrait or landscape mode. My favorite thing of all though is now we can change pictures on the frame for the given season, special event or otherwise in a matter of a couple of minutes. We plan to order another soon. I hope you found this helpful, enjoy!