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Wi-Fi Thermostat - Color Touchscreen

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  • Total Connect Comfort app available, remotely monitor/manage your home's comfort and energy use.
  • Energy Savings mode and 7-day easy programming.
  • Custom Display with on-screen comfort information.
  • Simple programming and professional installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This is an awes best Wi-Fi thermostat ever!ome Wi-Fi thermostat

I bought this a few months back andthis thermostat was very easy to install. We had to run a C wire from the furnace to where the thermostat was placed and that took a longer bit of time than actually hooking up the wiring on the thermostat. Downloaded the app for registered and that's all there was to it. I love that I can see this on my phone. I am legally blind so that was the reason for getting this thermostat because I can see it and enlarge it on an app. I love it I can even see it on the wall if I get real close but using the app makes it so much easier. I researched a ton of Wi-Fi thermostats and this by far was the best on reviews. The price was very good in comparison to some of the other ones. I've always bought Honeywell so this was a no-brainer. I would highly recommend it anticipation of installation. A family member did it for me. They had to run a common wire from my furnace to the wall in order to install this Wi-Fi thermostat. And even that was a quick installation once the wire was in the thermostat was wired and attached to the wall. I downloaded the app but first went to Honeywell site and registered my device. Within a matter of minutes it was up and running properly the total installation may be took 45 minutes from wiring to installation and app download. I love this thing granted only used it once to turn it on and off to make sure it worked but this really is awesome. It's even more awesome because I'm legally blind and don't see very well and I can navigate this app with magnification. I would highly recommend it for ease of use if nothing else.

Works as advertised and easy to control your AC unit from the honbeyell app, Alexa or from tstat

Purchased the Honeywell thermostat at the advice of our local AC company. Not sure how but had the same unit (5 year warranty) for less than the company can order them. It was simple to connect to Wifi as well as operate. The Total Comfort app for the phone is setup for ease of use, but I use the Alexa app to change temperature a needed.Our AC did not have the "C" wire and the tech had to run a new wire to the control unit on the blower assembly. Even with running the wire the total bill was for the cost of a service call. Good price on the unit from and I've found a reliable company.The only concern I had was the way the unit was packed for shipment. No padding in the shipping box, but the thermostat was packed well in its retail box so everything worked out well.

Installation went pretty smooth as others have stated

I just purchased and installed this thermostat in my home. I wanted to replace the original Honeywell (non-smart) thermostat that was installed 11 years ago by the contractor. I wanted the "TH" model as it supposedly has some extra s/w features over the consumer model??Installation went pretty smooth as others have stated. I turned of the breaker and proceeded...Since this thermostat needs a 5 wire connection (there is a way to connect using 4 wires if necessary) I got lucky that my thermostat cable had the extra wire (blue in my case) just curled up, ready to go at the thermostat side. I then went down in my basement to check if the furnace side was connected but it was not. I traced the blue thermostat cable wire and connected it up to the 24v transformer common.Then back up to the thermostat and check that I had 24v between R & C (blue wire). Installed the R, Y, W, B(C) & G wires as shown in the manual for my single forced air application and turned breaker back on. Everything powers up and the new thermostat takes you through the initial setup.A few things I noticed:1. On the thermostat, if a button was at the bottom of the screen, I had to touch lower than I thought (rolling it off the frame bottom) to recognize my input. Maybe due to larger fingers?2. I have an Oregon Scientific temp/humidity sensor (w/display) right next to this thermostat. I had installed this due to my old basic thermostat didn't have a humidity sensor. This proved beneficial because on the initial start up and heating cycles, the temperature on the new Honeywell was off (low) by 2 degrees. Setting to 67 degrees was really 69 degrees. The OS is very reliable and has been calibrated with 2 other temp sensors. I found online that you could calibrate the HW Wifi thermostat temperature by going into preferences, advanced preferences and change the temperature calibration (+2 degrees). I also had to calibrate the humidity. a small amount.The next step was to connect to the Wifi which went really smooth. Let it recognize the SSID, enter the password and connected. I had already created an account on the Honeywell sight and went online to add my device. Enter the MAC Id and Unit Id. All works as expected on the Wifi side. I can now view and adjust the temperature online.Now for the fun part. I have setup home automation in my house using Homeseer. I want to be able to integrate the Honeywell Wifi thermostat into Homeseer so I have one dashboard for everything. I see they do have a developers SDK but it is not available for the general public at this time. I guess I'll have to try a work around until that is released.Would I recommend this thermostat? Yes...but I would also recommend getting it professionally installed if you are the least bit hesitant on working with electricity, wiring basics and your furnace. Your wiring colors may be different and you may have a variation that may/may not be easily setup. Like I said, if your hesitant, call a professional.Update 2/9/2015: The thermostat has fixed the problem of my old thermostats short cycling (every 10 mins in < 20F and below) which seemed to be way too short. Now it runs about every 1/2 hour or so but a little longer. So far, I have liked the thermostat enough to recommend.

Make sure you have or can run the blue "C" wire

The "C" wire that is usually blue is a power wire that is required for this type thermostat. We have installed two. This one had the wire and it was connected to the air handler so it was pretty much plug and play. The first one had the wire but it needed to be connected to the furnace. The connector was clearly marked "C" so not hard.Setup is not hard. Just take your time and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need a WiFi internet connection to be able to control it with the Honeywell app so have the name of it and password handy. We have two properties with Honeywell T-stats and can control both of them them remotely with the same app. Very handy to check on the temp while away.

Make sure blue “C” wire is connected on BOTH ends

I have two of these, one for each level of the house. So if you have the C wire (wire that lowers the touchscreen, etc.) connected on both ends, installation is a breeze. I had the C wire connected at the existing thermostat end and not at the unit end so the new thermostat would function, kind of, but I had no screen. No screen = no setup or controls. You can go on YouTube and figure out how to wire the “C” wire on the other end OR “steal” one of the existing wires if you don’t have a “C” wire. Originally I hired an HVAC guy to help me figure it out but he must’ve not been that good since he said he checked the “C” wire and had voltage but then told me I had two bad out of the box thermostats. Turns out he didn’t physically check the unit end because if he had he would’ve noticed the “C” wire hanging there dark. As soon as I spliced in the unit end, everything worked. Easy to control and integrates with Alexa easily.