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Indoor Security Camera - White

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  • A compact plug-in indoor camera that lets you see, hear and speak to people and pets from your phone, tablet, or select Echo device.
  • Watch over your entire home by connecting one or multiple indoor cameras to all your Ring devices in the Ring app.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 60 days, and share videos and photos.
  • With Live View, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring app.
  • Easily set up your Indoor camera by plugging into a standard outlet and connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Place on a flat surface or mount to a wall with the versatile mounting bracket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Very easy set-up, well-designed, great functionality

Very easy setup, great image quality (light or dark), great audio quality, nice form-factor, perfect integration with my Ring network.INSTALL:This took about 4 minutes to set-up. That includes opening the box and updating my Ring app. Amazing! This is my 3rd Ring camera (first of this type), and I also have 3 other d-link cameras and 15+ other network-connected smart home devices and this one had been the easiest to set-up, by far! Most have required at least one call to CustSvc at some point in the process (& I'm very familiar with IOT and network installs). I didn't need any of that knowledge with this new Ring device. I'd recommend you install/update your Ring app first, as that was my only hiccup (old versions dont have the new hardware listed).APP:So: install/update Ring app > Open box > remove and unwrap device & plug (usb to 2-prong usb) > plug in to outlet > in the app, tap add device (or devices > add...) > Quick scan of barcode w/phone camera > and viola! you're off to play with some settings and have more convenience/security/peace of mind in your life!In the app, you can adjust motion zones, notification sound/volume, link to other devices, snooze motion, and other functions, as with the other Ring cameras.MOUNT:It can be mounted on a flat shelf surface, on the wall, or on the ceiling. Wall anchors and screws are included. And w/your own philips head screwdriver, the base moves to the back for wall mounting. The base also articulates quite a bit, maintaining stability, and holding its position well. It seems very well thought-out in that regard.USE:I'm using this in an unconventional way. My laundry room isn't easy to get to, so I have the cam pointed at my machines in the hopes of being able to check on loads before stopping what I'm doing and making the trek to a mid-cycle load. (Or for a quick chat with hubby if he's in there). I also plan to position it to capture other utilities, to check on any alarms that might be triggered (fire, smoke, flood...). Here's hoping i never need it for that. (pics to show light & dark quality; no editing or filters. I know I gotta clean up in there �)I rely on reviews to help me make informed decisions. I hope this review helped you :)

Great small camera for indoor monitoring

I really like the size of the indoor cam compared to the stickup cam wired (Gen 2). It is noticeably smaller in size and looks better when used inside. Overall the picture quality is nice, sound works well (I am able to control an Alexa Show through the camera), and it captured motion events reliably.Comparing to the stickup cam wired, there are a few things to note. The stickup cam shows color video in lower light before switching to IR night vision as compared to the indoor cam. Also, the indoor cam has a narrower field of view, but to be honest, I likely only noticed because I did a side by side comparison of them; without seeing them sitting next to each out, I doubt you would notice, but it is a difference. I didn't find anything the indoor cam did better except for physical looks, however, is it a fraction of the cost of the stickup cam wired (soon to be re-released as stickup cam elite). If you are in the market for an indoor camera, I would strongly recommend looking at this one unless you need POE, in which case the Stickup Cam Elite (or Gen 2 Wired) is the better choice.

Very good for a $60 camera (YouTube Review Tonight)

I will post a video on YouTube tonight and show the quality of the video during day and night. Check it out under "landpet"Overall quality looks good. Works well at night in a very dark room, still could make out faces. Only time will tell if it lasts long but I'm happy with it especially for the price. I like the fact that it comes with Ring Protect Plus for 30 days as well so you can actually try it out.

Landed a Perp

Updated Review----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A criminal who had been released from jail on probation because COVID, robbed my garage 2 nights in a row. I got a crisp and clear video, posted to the Ring app, other neighbors checked their video and found the same man on their property, the police were involved immediately and the perp was taken back to jail.From the press release of our local PD:"On 5/11/20, [city] Police Department Patrol responded to a residential burglary that occurred the night before. The victim had left their garage door open and went for a walk around the neighborhood. During that time, from about 8 pm to 8:30 pm, an unknown subject later identified as [nam,e] entered the garage, rummaged through the cars and stole the victim’s mountain bike. While [name] was in the garage, the victim’s family was at home in the house....When the victim realized his bike had been stolen, he checked his Ring Camera video and saw that the suspect had been inside his garage. He posted the video onto the Ring Camera Neighborhood App, warning others in the area.Many community members had seen the video of the suspect and had been in contact with the [city] Police Street Crimes Unit (SCU). SCU and PROS (Post Release Offender Supervision) Detectives along with Patrol officers began looking for the suspect....This was an excellent example of the community working together to put a criminal back into jail....A review of the [city] Superior Court website shows that [name] has prior convictions for stealing a vehicle, robbery, using pepper spray to commit a violent felony, being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of narcotics. [name] is currently on PROS/AB109 and was in custody and had recently been released from jail on May 8th by Probation due to Covid-19 concerns."For a $60 camera, this was a great investment.Original Review----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I had 5 of the Cloud Cams, purchased about 18 months ago. then acquired Ring and Blink, and discontinued the Cloud Cams, although they still provide support (for now).I needed two new cameras, so I went with the Ring. Primarily because I heard nothing negative about the security, as opposed to Wyze. However, Ring has some real downsides relative to the Cloud Cams.1. More latency.I have great WiFi. I have multiple wi-fi mesh routers throughout the house with no dead spots. Still have to wait ~5-7 seconds to connect to live view. Cloud Cams was 3-5 seconds.2. No zoomI could tap and zoom on Cloud Cams. Can't do that with Ring.3. No live view via Web Browser.Apparently you can download an app on Windows 10, but I'm on a Mac and wonder why I can't view the video in a browser. I could go with Cloud Cams.4. I can't see multiple Cameras at once.With Cloud Cam, I could stream audio and video from all five cameras at once over the web. It was great. Having to switch between cameras, one at a time, and having to wait 5-7 seconds per camera, is a big downside.I get that needed to simplify its product portfolio after their two most recent acquisitions in this space, but it's a shame the Cloud Cam isn't sold anymore. It was a superior product offering in this space.Design, Packaging, Ease of Setup, and from what I can understand, Security is all excellent in Ring, and I have no complaints. The app, in spite of the one camera at a time limitation, is well-designed too.*** UPDATED 3-Jan-2020 ***I found the Rapid Ring app. It works in conjunction with the regular Ring app. Rapid Ring has limited functionality, but it does everything I need. Somehow, it manages to reduce latency to connect to the cameras. When I pull up the Rapid Ring app, I can connect to anyone of my cameras in <1 second. The app will also continuously reconnect to the camera after the 5 minute timeout period, so I can stream a camera indefinitely. I have upgraded my review to 4 stars. If Ring ever develops a generic web interface to view all cameras simultaneously, I will give 5 stars.

The RING products are the best, in my opinion!

I think it's best for this cam placement if you put it with a crowded counter or shelf to not be as noticeable as a recording camera. Once set, it hides well.I already have 2 doorbells and 3 chimes and an outdoor cam with siren and security lights.I have another type of indoor cameras, the WYZE cams ... you can see my review on that in my reviews section ... they are not reliable at all. They are very hard to use when away from home .. can't share the videos from the phone. One even just stopped working!! Low priced, and in this case, you get what you pay for!This new indoor cam was easy as heck to set up and connect to the app to go right with my other cams. The view is amazing! The picture quality and sound is the best! Yes, you'll pay more, but do it! It's worth it.None of the RING products have EVER let me down, close to home or away!