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Fitness Tracker Watch - Dark Purple - Supports 9 Sports

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  • Smartwatch for Android Phones Samsung iPhone- Compatible with most iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above smartphones. Download and install Free "VeryFitPro" APP.
  • Accurate Fitness Tracker & Connected GPS- Supports 9-sports such as Walking, running, bicycle , Hike, Mountaineering, Dynamic cycling, Hike, fitness, treadmill, Yoga. 
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker- Automatically monitor your real-time heart rate, and provide comprehensive analysis of your sleep quality (deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time) to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • Waterproof Fitness Watch & Long-Lasting Battery- This smartwatch is designed with IP68 waterproof rating, which allows you to swim in the pool with it with no worries. The large capacity and low power consumption design offers longer endurance. It supports 7-days of normal use and 30-days standby time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Just like a fitbit, but better pricing

I love this watch. Out of the box it comes already charged and ready to use. All I had to do was download veryfit pro app and synced to it. I love how the watch fits comfortable in my wrist and bright it is to see time. That's the plus for me since I have to use a lot with work. I love how it keeps track of steps and how I can receive messages and calls by push vibration alert. I just wish they would add the option to add different messaging apps since I don't like the factory app on my phone, that's the only downfall of it. I like the alarm function, and timer ⏲️ inside timer Option I like the stopwatch and timer Option which again need for work. I haven't used the sports option but it does give you different options when working out and tracks your heart rate as you work out. You also have the option to control your music that's either instored on your phone or with music, didn't work with Pandora but love the fact that I can leave phone and Bluetooth to headphones and control on watch. Overall, I give it a 10 for everything you need. By the way, battery life is great. I don't need to charge overnight at all. You it within 2 hrs and last you a week or more depending on your usage. As far as the app, make sure you reboot every other night so it can stay synced to your message/calls

This watch really rocks

I have owed a series 1& 4 Apple Watch. My husband is Android all the way! But he really liked the look of the Apple Watch, problem solved here! It’s lightweight and comfortable and he likes the band! He says it super comfortable! And in his words “it’s better than his Gear Samsung watch! “ that he never wears any more because of the weight!I am jealous of the battery life that watch has! It can last up to 10 days with out a charge we’re on day 7 and still has plenty of battery!Loves the ease of the app as well and that he can change the faces around as well!He love the old school clock face the best! You would think that this a much more expensive watch than what I paid for it! We won’t tell him! He’s happy so I am happy! Arrived quick and instruction were easy !

90% GREAT!! Check out why

I had to give it a 90% only because the sleep detector that captured the hours of sleep and hours of deep sleep you are in, is never actually accurate on my device.Other then that, this watch get a �.No joke, it has served me good!The most important thing I needed in a watch was a watch that had a timer. This watch has a timer that works just the way it should. It also tracks my steps throughout the day when I am wearing it, an added feature that I enjoy and (the step tracker is accurate, I’ve tested it with another device to verify that it is). This watch also tracks your heart rate. Another nice feature. It will link to your smart phone as well which is a wonderful feature too that allows you to get text, calls and email notifications directed to your watch, if you prefer. You can opt out of one over another so that you have the option to pick and choose which notifications you prefer.This watch also has a phone finder link which let me tell you, it comes in handy.You just have to be sure your phone and watch are linked together through the app and through your Bluetooth. (Both are easy to link) If you have those linked together and you happen to misplace your phone you simply scroll through the watch screen until you find the phone link. Click it and it sends alerts to your phone, your phone will chime until you find it. If your phone is off this clearly wouldn’t work.The battery life is great. I’ve had great luck with my battery lasting close to two weeks with a full charge. Charging it to a full battery once it’s low doesn’t take an excessive amount of time either which is nice if your needing a full charge in a relatively quick time.I have not emerged the watch in water to test it’s ability to function after being fully submerged. I have washed my hands with it and never had an issue with my watch. I am cautious and do tend to try and keep water away from it just to prevent any possible issues it could have.I wear my watch pretty snug to my wrist where I’ve taken it off and have been sweating after a work out, the watch has never been effected by it.I have recommended this watch to anyone who is looking for a watch with smart phone capabilities it may not have a ton of features but it has some good ones and the seller for me is the watch works and functions the way it should. I will continue to recommend this watch as long as it holds true to what it’s supposed to do.

Super affordable smart watch

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable smart watch this is definitely the way to go. It is very easy to use and the mobile app is also very intuitive. I personally love that the app allows you to transfer the data into Google Fit. The battery life on this is amazing. I have been wearing it for almost a week and it still had over 40% battery. This is much better than my Fitbit which I charge about every other day. The smart watch features are useful too if you want those sort of things but you have to stay close to your phone because the bluetooth range is not great compared to things like a Samsung watch or Apple watch. Also, I've found that the heart rate monitor is not very accurate (automatic) compared to my Fitbit but when you manually test it then it's fine. The step counter and activity tracking are just as great as the Fitbit so this is a great alternative. It also does a great job with tracking sleep.Pros: step counter, sleep tracking, battery life, smart watch featuresCons: bluetooth range and heart rate sensorOverall, this is a bang for your buck. Highly recommend.

Cheap price, but quality is good..

Ordered this for my father in law and I honestly wasn't expecting much out of a $30 something smart watch. I figured if it's junk, It won't break the bank. To my surprised it was solid built. The watch itself felt solid and not like some flimsy cheap plastic. The armbands are smooth and also solid built. The hinges (or whatever you called those) are smooth and easy to removed if desired. There are 4 clock faces that you can switch to. The app itself is better than expected. It's not buggy like the app for my Fitbit charge 3. More on FITBIT later on.. read in the end1. You can read text messages and messages from FB messenger. As you can see, the messages are clear. This is one thing that no one has clearly mentioned or shown in pictures. ***The absolute most important feature for my FIL***2. You can not reply to text messages or answer/make calls. If you want to do all that, be prepare to spend a big chunk of $$. It's a waste imo.3. It does not show weather. (Who really cares about that anyway?)4. The "find my phone" feature is great. my FIL loves it!5. Battery life is excellent. After around 2 days of normal use , the battery is at 60%. If this keeps up, the watch will only have to be charged like once a week which is excellent.The only negative thing I can think of is that it doesn't come with a longer wrist band for those who make need it, but that's not a biggie imo.Before I bought this, I bought a FITBIT charge 3 ( $99 for myself) and Versa Lite ($155) for my mother in law. I regret buying those 2. Passed return window. After playing with this willful watch for a few days, the extra $$ spent on the FITBIT brand was not even worth it. arrgg. Not to mention, how buggy the FITBIT app is, at least with my charge 3. So annoying! I tested all the features such as heart rate, steps, etc and the FITBIT watches didn't do any better.For the price, this watch does its job. If you want all those fancy bells and whistles, go ahead and spend $300 on the others. If you just need to keep track of your health and see who is messaging/calling you, this watch is perfect.Will update this review in a few months (if I remember) and see where we're at at that time....