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Wireless Earbuds - 24-Hours Playtime

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 & One-Step Pairing: The latest Bluetooth 5.0 with TWS technology on both Bluetooth earbuds provides faster pairing, a stable connection, and signal transmission (50ft no-obstacle range). 
  • Reality Sound & Long Battery Life: The Bluetooth headphones are equipped with the latest moving-coil horn loudspeaker with a bigger dynamic driver. It has Hi-Fi sound quality, deep bass, and 3D surround stereo. A single charge can maintain earbuds working 6-hours. The charging case provides 4-times charging for earbuds, a total of 30-hours working time. 
  • IPX8 Waterproof Earbuds: Certificated with IPX8 waterproof, tested submerged to 5.0' for 30 minutes. It is rugged enough to endure everything from sweat to all water activities. 

Customer Reviews

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Quite Possibly Your Best Option at this Price Point!

These are really good ear buds, especially at this price point! They worked right out of the box and were easy to pair once I figured out how to turn them on (it takes me a minute to figure out how to work some technology, sometimes - I'm sure it would be easy for a younger, more "hep", or tech-savvy, individual.) They are light but well-made, and they come with three different sizes of covers, and the small size fit my ear canals perfectly, preventing them from slipping out. The clear sound quality was pleasantly surprising, as I hadn't expected much for this price. I was wrong. The treble is great and the bass is astoundingly clear, also. These seemed to play the rich bass in some of my music much better than higher priced models. These do not go quite as loud as other headphones/earbuds, but they're plenty loud when you want them to be. I'm just adding that last part for anyone else who, like me, blew their ears out with headphones in the 70s/80s/90s, and are used to sound levels that high. Note to Reader: Don't blast your ears out with headphones like I did. It's stupid and you can't ever regain hearing ability. Savour your music, which is much easier with these earbuds. All the clarity, none of the damage. It's a Win-Win situation! You won't regret giving these earbuds a try. They are extremely portable (purse/pocket) and they'd make a great, very thoughtful gift, too!

They survived my speed Queen Washing machine and dryer!

My daughter and I have these... she has the black and I have the pink. They are AWESOME! We got them in August 2020. My Pink ones have been abused... beside my 18month old always sneaking them and opening them and losing them and finding them ... I have lost them and then found them separately...IN THE DRYER!!!! Which means they probably started out in the charging case and was washed and then dried... at some point in it all they split from each other and I found the two ear buds and the case after folding four load of laundry. And they still had a charge and worked!!! Also, I dropped my bag in the dark out of my van one night...picked up my things and later realized they were missing...looked where I thought I dropped them...no luck...then three days or so later... my daughter found them in the same area After I moved the van... and they were under a pile of wet leaves.... still worked...my baby daughter had sucked on them... pulled the little rubber things off 50 times... and finally lost the set of rubber things that were on them but luckily I still had all the replacement sizes ... so still good to go. They stay charged for a very very long time... I do a lot of audio books... you don’t need to ware both... one at a time is great... you can pause...fast forward and reverse in your books or musical or skip... answer calls... talk... they are comfortable and don’t fall out either... I only wish I could make them chirp if I lose them... and it does auto connects after the first pairing! (PS: I had no idea they were meant to be showered with till my daughters me it was in the paperwork after I was surprised to find they still worked after the wash and dry cycle).

Works right out of the box.

Came fully charged with many interchangable ear pieces to change out for different sized ears.Was easy to sync to my phone as well as various tablets around the house.Fits very comfortably in ears and is lightweight enough that you hardly notice them.If you listen to podcasts , espically dramatic ones with a lot of sound effects these are wonderful for that,music sounds great as well.I haven't really tried using these for calls as I am a texter and prefer to communicate that way.I have an older pair of skull candy earbuds that are bluetooth like these but I could never get more than one to sync to anything so you have to imagine my surprise that these sync as soon as the bluetooth is enabled.I love these and think they would be excellent Christmas gifts and I plan on buying more of these,for the price you literally can't go wrong and with the pairing working so well these would even be excellent gifts for your non techy friends,parents and grandparents.

QUICK connection and Hassle Free

I was really surprised with these and how fast the connect when taken out of the little box. Basically, if you want to use them take them out of the box and as you are inserting them in your ear they are connected already. You can use one or both depending on the situation. Touch sensitive is a good and yet bad thing. Good in that as you touch the buds to accept or close a call it's very simple and quick. This simplicity can also be bad in that as you are inserting them in your ear or adjusting them you can also touch the surface and they will turn off or disconnect from your phone without you knowing since there is no haptic feedback.I originally got them for me to use while fishing without the ear "holder" things because my Covid mask ear straps were knocking my other pair out of my ear as I took them on and off. I thought they would be good for fishing since they are very water resistant which is a great thing for the occasional spray or wet finger operations I was using them for would include.I do find they do not always fit very snugly and take a bit to get adjusted to get them to stick in the ear securely. Nice overall and have some great features.

Great Little Buds!

I can't believe these little ear buds have a great sound!Each ear bud actually gives off clear sound which brings the music together. I've never noticed some words or instruments until wearing these ear buds!Sound is great, quality great. Only thing is noise cancellation isn't the greatest. But it is still good!Buttons on the side to tap (change volume up & down, skip songs, phone calls, connect voice control on Android...) Work great.Ear buds connected immediately, seamlessly! I did not have to troubleshoot anything.Also, it connected my voice recognition system automatically as well. It asked which to use (I have an Android, it asked for Google, Alexa...) I chose Google. It was SO easy to send a text, make a call, anything all while headphones were blarring music. It was great!Sound quality on a call was very impressive!For $30, I would definitely give these a shot!They're very easy to connect, sit very comfortably in the ear (I have small ear canals, it came with various sizes for the perfect fit) Sound quality is great, distance between my phone & ear buds I would say is 20 feet before losing connection.I haven't really gone for a strong run with these, but I honestly feel like it'll hold up wonderfully!