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Fitness Tracker Watch - Black - Supports 14 Sports

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  • Fitness Watch- If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active. If you want an accurate waterproof tracker that adds a ton of smartwatch features and has a great battery (7-10 days).
  • IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker-This is a 68 water-resistant watch that you can wear while swimming. The high sensitive large HD color screen makes it easy to operate and give you clear insights into the display. There are 4-stylish clock faces for you to choose from.
  • Accurate Activity Tracker- Automatically track your all-day steps, calories, 24/7 heart rate, and sleep stages. Use 14-exercise modes like Run or bicycle to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace and distance.
  • Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Phone- Compatible with most iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above smartphones to get call, text, calendar, and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Way worth the price

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Awesome watch with a lot of functions for the price. Wore it in the shower to see how waterproof and no problem it did it. With the app it actually kept track of my sleueping while I was wearing it and shows if your getting deep sleep, light sleep or the amount of time your awake. The step counter seems to be working fine. The alarm function woke me up this morning by vibrating on my wrist which is really cool even though I forgot an alarm was ser on my phone. Getting text an e-mails or which ever other apps you want notifications on is also really great when you dont want to take out your phone when it's in your pocket or when your away from your phone to look at it the watch has that covered.

Nice Value for Price

Let me be clear, this is not a review comparison. I didn't get this watch expecting it to be like any other watch. My got this for my son because he is not at the age yet where he would take care of a more expensive watch but he wanted to have a smart watch watch. This is sufficient for my sons needs. Honestly he just wanted it to track his steps and look nice. I like that it's waterproof and seems to be pretty sturdy. I also like that my son has something that motivates him to walk more because he can see his steps. If you are not looking for something with a ton of bells and whistles but still has good functionality this is a nice start, especially for a preteen. For what it does it is a really nice watch and I actually really like the sturdiness of the band. This is pretty good battery life because it's not loaded with a bunch of apps. Just a simple watch that gets the job done & won't break the bank.


Prepare yourself for this essay.At the beginning I was suspicious; $40 for a smart watch, yeah right! But . . . I gave in and bought it. I've used it for about a month now.There's definitely a learning curve to handling the watch. I struggled to find out how to turn it on, how to link it to my phone via the app they have you download, how to set up notifications, how to shut the watch down, and so much more. So prepare for learning bit by bit, day by day.The band of the watch feels good on wrist, it's rubber and allows for air pass through.The watch knows when you're checking the time (When you pull it up to the face like any other watch), although it sometimes can involve the wearer to do an exaggerated time-check movement or it won't register.The heart rate and pedometer seem to be pretty accurate.I have yet to learn how to play music from the watch, or rather, control music from the watch.Battery is insanely good, I have not charged it for like a week and it's finally getting low on power. I should mention this is with occasionally checking the time and not spending every day on the watch.The touch screen is pretty good. Slide your finger the four directions on the screen to pull up various menus. You can scroll and access other menus. I was impressed with how many stuff was tucked away on here.I'm tired, so I'll write more another time.

Best Smart Watch for an affordable price

I wanted a dependable Smart Watch for a good price, to monitor my heart rate as I've been having fainting spells. The Yamay IP68 Fitness Tracker watch does this and more! My watch arrived within 2 business days, without Prime shipping and looks great with the black band. Downloading the Very Fit Pro App was easy on my iPhone and once synced, I've had fun monitoring my heart rate, sleep patterns and getting notifications from my phone. I ran my watch under the tap to check the waterproof feature, and it passed. I'm excited to wear my watch to work so when I have to turn my phone volume off, I won't miss any calls as my watch will vibrate to alert me to phone calls or emails. Not sure why I waited so long to buy this Smart Watch. I would recommend it over the more expensive models of Smart Watches.


Love love love my watch!! Very light and easily connects to the app and Bluetooth, and the charger is usb connected. Easy to operate and very simple. Will be buying for the whole family as they all want it too.