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Wireless Earbuds - 25-Hours Playtime

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  • Advanced chipset for true wireless freedom: Use either of the earbuds one at a time for calls and music. You can switch freely between twin mode and mono mode. Besides play and pause, the earbuds also support volume and track control for more convenience.
  • Fantastic Immersive Sound with Powerful Bass: Adopted advanced polyurethane drivers to avoid bulky size. It provides authentic sound with deep bass even in a small size. 
  • IPX8 Waterproof for Sports: With Nano coating, the earbuds can fend off sweat and is a good choice for strenuous workouts and all weather conditions.
  • Compact Type-C Charging Case & 25hrs Playback: Earbuds supports 5-hours playback and the case supports up to 4-full charges. With Type-C quick charge, it only takes 1.5hr to charge the case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
M30s deliver with a snug fit, humble style, & great sound!

Note: I have received this product in exchange for an honest review of the product. It has had no impact on my thoughts and review. Continue below.MPOW has delivered again with these new M30s! I had previously bought the M9 model after trying other brands (all did not meet my very basic standards and I returned them). I enjoy the little stick on the M9s (see last photo) since it helps place it in your ear without touching the controls repeatedly. However, when these came out, I opted to try them out. The winged anchor made to fit the ear is great! I jumped around my room dancing to "Blue Dress" from Walk the Moon's acoustic EP with the television up to 50 (volume) and all I heard were little murmurs (almost nothing) with a properly fit bud. As pictured, it comes with 3 different sized tips and 2 winged anchors (these are in addition to the ones already on it, so really it comes with 4 pairs and 3 pairs). I am immediately impressed and now, with my black M9s and these blue M30s, I can match my earphones with my outfits! While I haven't tested the water resistance/proofness with the M30s, I know the M9s survive a good workout without issues. The connection was simple to set up and, yes, the bass and treble are well balanced for today's music (to me). The case is a little thinner than the M9 case, but still tossable into a purse or gym bag without fear (always check in for that warranty though -- because why not?!) Lastly, if you are wondering, YES: THEY ARE USB-C. I highly recommend most things MPOW and will continue to after receiving these. A+ stuff, in my opinion.

Work great for me...!

I actually really love these earphones. At first I thought that they would be to bulky, and granted they aren’t as “thin” (flushed with my ear as possible) they don’t look like they are spilling out of my ears, and I have small ears.So what initially drew me into this product were the silicone wings that come with the earphones. Again I have small ears and I use the smallest bud and the largest wings and these stay in pretty well. I haven’t had a chance to run with these yet but I have walked, lifted and mowed and they stay in great.The sound quality is pretty decent for the price, last time I had a great earphone I spent probably a little more and, no I did not accidentally imply only one earphone, cuz that’s all I got. So for the price, the sound quality, and getting two earphones; it was worth is.Now besides the wing feature, my other favorite feature is the battery life. So again I’m not using them everyday for like 4-6 straight hours. I use them Intermittently, so that being said I’ve had these maybe close to a month now, if not a little longer and I just charged them for the first time last night.The case fits easily in my nearly nonexistent female clothes pockets, And for someone that hardly uses a bag, so that makes them easy to have on had.The outside of the case has a tiny light which will be lit after each time you open the case, which is nice cuz it has different stages to inform you of the approximate amount of batter left.Overall, I enjoy these earphones, do wish they came in more colors!

Reliable and life changing!

Best thing I've bought this year! These MPOW wifi earbuds allow me to hear music or videos pretty much anywhere within my apartment. I've even taken baths and brief showers with them. If they get a little wet, I just dry them off before reinserting in charger.It's so much easier to understand what's being said when wearing these. I love that they fit securely in my small ears without hurting. They stay in while doing housework and yoga.When they occasionally unpair, the instructions to hold five seconds to turn off, then turn back on to re-pair usually works well. If it doesn't, removing them from the devices Bluetooth settings, then re-pairing definitely did the job.It would be kind of nice to be able to increase or decrease volume on each earbud because I often wear one and switch to the other when one loses its charge. But it's no big deal. The charger is awesome! Small, sturdy, magnetic to help ensure the earbud fits in right. Carries its own charge without being plugged in. Very well-designed and reliable.I haven't yet tried the microphones during voice calls, but this set has delivered on its promises thus far. I bought a pair for my mom. She is kind of a technophobe but loves them now, once a friend helped her understand how they work :)

Truly an Must-Have! Buy them!

I love these wireless earbuds! I was able to use them straight out of the box and I was highly impressed.Fit: They fit comfortably and perfectly in my ear. I like that don’t have to worry about them falling out. The package comes with SM & MD ear bud grips in case the medium one doesn’t fit in your ear.Connectivity: Connecting them is quick and easy. You can use both or only one earbud.Sound quality: The sound quality and noise cancellation is superb!Touch controls: I also really love the touch features. With these earbuds you can:control the volumeplay/pause songsnavigate through songsanswer/Hang up/ignore callsUse SiriPower the earbuds on/offThe earbuds are highly sensitive to the touch. Most of the time that’s a good thing, since you don’t want to be beating your ear. HahaBattery/Charging: Ive used these for 8 hours before I got a low battery alert.These charge pretty quickly in the case. You can charge your earbuds up to 4x before these case itself needs charging. There is an LED light on the case which changes 3 different colors to indicate battery level. The magnetic charging connectors pulls and holds the earbuds in place.Overall, these were a great buy. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Love These For Teeny Ears! A Few Caveats...

I'm new to the wireless headphone game. After getting sick of ripping wired earbuds out of my ears accidentally multiple times this year, I wanted some intro, cheap, won't-be-upset-if-they-break or if-the-cats-bat-one-down-a-register earbuds. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks while doing housework, using the treadmill, and doing yardwork like mowing. After extensive research, I purchased these. So far, they've been exactly what I was looking for!I have small ears and typically any headphones that are inserted into the ear canal don't work for me. With the smallest fin, I'm able to wear these for hours. I do have to fanagle them a bit by pulling on the top of my ear at an angle and inserting the headphone at a specific angle. I had one fall out recently because I didn't seat it properly. So these aren't absolutely foolproof, but if you get them seated they'll stay in for a long time. I really appreciated the different sized fins.The battery life is really good. I can listen to 5 hours of podcasts before the earbud will tell me that the battery is running low. Charging the case keeps the buds charged for a long time...I've only had to charge the case 2x since I bought these 3 months ago. (I use at least one earbud 3-4x a week.)I love the feature that you can use just one earbud at a time. I didn't know I needed that, but it's perfect. I use both when I'm doing yardwork, but just one inside the house. It's also awesome if I drain one earbud of power- I can just switch to the other one.So far, these have paired nearly seamlessly with my laptop, Samsung Galaxy S7, and a 2011 Ipod Touch. If I have any issues, I just delete the headphones from the Bluetooth list and try again. Works every time.These aren't specifically noise cancelling; they do as well as any other thing that fits in the ear canal. I can turn up the volume and listen to a podcast while mowing with no issue, which is the ultimate test for me. If you're looking specifically for really good noise cancelling, I'm not sure that these would do it. I'm not really into the noise cancelling thing.A couple caveats:I still haven't mastered some of the controls, even after repeatedly reading the instructions. I can pause whatever I'm listening to and skip a track and that's it. I've tried the other controls multiple times and just can't get the hang of it. I just keep my phone nearby for anything other than pausing, like turning the volume up. Not a big deal. Definitely could be user error here, but if you're like me, just know that you might need to keep your device nearby.Also, I'm really not on board with any product offering $ for a review. These came with a card that would give $10 for a review on . Not my jam. My review is written without utilizing the incentive.Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I haven't had any longevity issues as some other reviews have stated but will update if I do. These are a great intro to the wireless headphone world.