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Wireless Earbuds - 18-Hours Playtime

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology& Easy Pairing: Adopting the most advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology. 
  • Touch Control & Smart LED Digital Display: Features with touch control sensors, this headset can largely minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch the button for various functions. In the wireless charging case, the smart LED digital screen can check the battery consumption display at anytime.
  • Comfortable Wearing, Premium Fidelity Stereo Sound Quality: The wireless earbuds are designed of curved in-ear by silicone ear hooks, holding wireless Bluetooth headphones in place even during active movements. It has a 10mm large size speaker driver and the drive area is 2.77 times the normal drive area.
  • IPX8 Waterproof Earbuds: The earbuds can be used 1-meter deep for 30-minutes.  
  • Charge on the wireless earbuds can last for over 5-hours' playtime from a single charge and 18-extra hours in the compact charging case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Quality Well Made Bluetooth Earbuds

I am very impressed with the quality of the Tozo's newest line of waterproof bluetooth earbuds. They also come very nicely packaged. The T12 are very comfortable to wear & fit nicely in the ear. For the perfect fit, there is S,M,L & XL earbud caps. I like to listen to podcast and the voices are very clear as well as music which has a nice stereo sound. I especially like the smaller case which has an indicator light to let you know how much battery charge is left. Tozo is a great company who has a wonderful 18 month extended warranty .

No need to spend a fortune on an excellent pair of earbuds

I have used the Tozo T 10 earbuds for almost a year now. I have loved them except for one thing- I couldn’t control the volume from the earbuds. Problem solved with this new T12 version! Not only is the sound quality crisp and clear but I can control the volume from the earbuds as well as forward and reverse the songs from my playlist. I will say the voice that says “reverse” is a bit creepy but other than that no complaints. Improvements on the charger as well. You can now clearly see how much charge is left.I am one that has never been able to comfortably wear Apple Earbuds. I have to turn them upside down to even come close to fitting in my ear. These Tozo earbuds fit just as great and comfortable as my first pair. They come with SIX different covers for the earbuds to insure a perfect fit.I use them for intense workouts and they never fall out and they are definitely waterproof as they claim.

An AMAZING wireless earbud from TOZO!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. For quite some time, I’ve been a proud owner of TOZO’s T10 earbuds. They’ve lasted a long time, survived drops and have great sound quality. My only two complaints about that older model has been limited distance of connectivity and no volume control on the earbuds. That - and so much more - has been improved in these new T12s! The charging case is sleeker with a digital display showing the percentage of charge remaining in the case. The buttons are touch sensitive rather than push button, making them more comfortable to control in the ear. These do offer volume control via the ear bud button and the distance seems to be about 1-2 meters further than the T10s. Also, the sounds quality is far superior with a richer and deeper base sound. Though new, I know TOZO makes durable goods so I expect these to last and they come with an 18 month warranty! I LOVED the T10s and these are far better. For $10 more, they’re a steal. Lastly, the T10s were probably the fourth set of Bluetooth earbuds that I’ve purchased from . I perspire A LOT when I work out and all the rest lasted four months or less. TOZO’s earbuds are in their second year with me and still work like new. I can’t recommend this product enough. The absolute best product of this type available at this price point.

Great brand, TOZO.

I have two previous headphones (T6 and T10) from this brand and I really love them.Personally I prefer the t6 because they allow you to move the music in a tactile way and have better sound quality. I use them for the gym and I'm delighted.Now, im trying this sound cancelling Tozo T12. They have great noise cancellation feature, Excellent build quality and Great sound quality. You can change from this feature to another mode when you can switch to a mode that sounds outside.Maybe a little more of battery life is a good option.Very good quality - price. I hope to use them recently in a place that is very noisy to get the most out of them.I love Tozo's products, customer service, and price.

Should Have Bought A Long Time Ago

This is my first pair of bluetooth earbuds. I am impressed and should have both a pair a long time ago. I wasn't expecting much bass from an earbud, but they good bass. They also do block out a lot of the ambient noise. My first use was removing tile. The hammering/chiseling sound was drown out. Being able to move around working without a cord getting snagged was AWESOME! The range is very good as well. I have a 2,500 sq. ft and had full coverage even through walls. In terms of line of sight distance while outside I'd estimate it at about 50-75' and would error on the side of being closer to 75' but I didn't measure. The box indicates 50' so the advertised range is accurate or perhaps even a bit low. The battery life was good too. I would absolutely buy these again and would recommend them.