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White Noise Machine - 20 Sounds

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  • 20 Soothing Sounds: This white noise machine includes 5-white noises, 5-fan sounds, 7-natural sounds, and 3-lullabies. Designed to mimic natural environments to provide a more relaxing experience.
  • Dual Alarm Clock: This white noise machine features 2 alarm clocks, with a sensor that can activate snooze mode with a simple gesture. Snooze lasts for 9- mins and can be postponed 5-times.
  • Adjustable Volume & Timer: Our sleep machine's volume can be easily adjusted, meaning you can effectively block out annoying noises or even help you or your baby fall asleep with ease. It also includes timer functions at 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120-minute intervals.
  • Modern Design: Our noise machine features a full touch screen control panel, which makes your operation easier. It has a more friendly design and also a wake-up sensor inside with an intuitive child lock that helps prevent children from tampering with the device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great for all ages!

Very easy to use interface, comes with a timer and a variety of sounds. It is very high-tech for how affordable it is. Heavy, durable, and a great value. I use it for my four-year-old’s room because he has trouble sleeping. It’s a lifesaver!

Lots of features, good sound

Nice little light, alarm clock, sound machine. Lots of different sounds , rain, fan, thunder, brown noise.

modern noise machine

I bought this noise machine for myself. I have sleeping issue and feel difficulty to sleep. I found the raining noise from this machine perfectly works with me. There are a lot of types noise you can choose.

Fancy clock

I’ve been looking for a clock to wake up my kids in the morning. Trying two kinds of clock, this one is a lot better. The sound is loud; also there’s a timer function, I used this to monitor my kids reading time and screen time. They love it.

Awesome white noise machine!

Love this white noise machine with alarm. It did help me sleep better with the white noise in the background. And you got more than 15 ringtones to choose from! I would recommend this to my other friends who need white noise in the background.