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White Noise Machine - 24 Sounds

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  • SLEEP LIKE AN ANGEL - This white noise machine has 24 soothing sounds to choose from, including white noise, pink noise, brown noise, light to deep fan noise, ocean waves, rain, baby lullaby, rain, campfire, and other nature sounds.
  • NOISE CANCELLING FOR OFFICE & HOME -  Up to 95dB, this white noise machine tunes out noise effectively for office privacy and noise canceling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
10/10 recommend!

I’m obsessed with this white noise machine! We have tried several over the years for our daughters and this one is hands down my favorite! First of all, it’s such good quality. It’s super sturdy and I love the sleek design. Also, the sound choices are great. It comes with way more choices than your typical white noise machine. My favorite would be the fan setting. I’m used to sleeping with the sound of a fan on but since winter is approaching I would freeze using a fan and so this machine will be a life saver. (I’m a very light sleeper as well.) It also has the most accurate heartbeat sound I’ve ever heard on a white noise machine. It sounds exactly like the heartbeat you hear from a Doppler at your appointment and not like the fake one most sound machines use. DreamEgg is worth every penny and I’ll recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality white noise machine!

White Noise Machine

I love this unit. My little one needs white noise to fall asleep at night but she likes the lullaby for nap time during the day. There are so many sound options and great volume control buttons and a timer, too. I love that it has a kind of night light on it. This is definitely better than the noise machines I've bought from walmart.

Great noise level and tone variations

I love this sound machine. My favorite feature is the variations in white noise tones. Other sound machines I've used didn't have that so I either found them to low or too high pitched. This sound machine can also get very loud. My baby goes to bed before my two other kids and I love that I can crank it up so it blocks out outside noise. The only downside is that it doesn't have the option to take batteries or a wall jack. Just DC power. I always liked the battery in case the power goes out.

Get this

This thing is truly great. I know it's only a sound machine but it works so much better than my old one. First of all I love the night light. Secondly there is a wide variety of sounds. This makes it easy to drown out my wife's snoring. And finally it's very easy to use. Get this. You won't be disappointed.

Good speaker

This machine sounds really good. With the baby one I have for my daughter I hear different sounds when I sit different places and hear reparative noises that bother me. With this there is no repatriation with the white noise. The light is also a really soft glow that’s easy on the eyes in the dark. I will be getting two more for my girls rooms to replace their current ones.