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Wi-Fi Thermostat - Electric Baseboards

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  • For High/Line Voltage Systems: This thermostat works with electric baseboards and electric fan-forced heaters.
  • Save 26% on Your Energy Bill: This thermostat helps you save money by using home energy more efficiently.
  • Smart Integrations: The thermostat works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.
  • Quick Install: It can be installed easily in 15-minutes or less with step-by-step online guides and videos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mysa rocks

I'm an old fart. This is my very first smart home device. I do a little tech but an average 10 year old is lightyears ahead of me. I need products that are really easy and frustration free to set up. This filled the bill perfectly. It set up FAST and really EASY. I thought setting up Siri voice command might be tricky. Nope... I had my phone scan the device code and typed in a device name and that I wanted it to read in degrees F . Then I said Hey Siri, set the heat to 72 degrees. And she did. Just like that. Hey siri, set the heat to 65 degrees. Then she did. Siri is so much nicer than my x wife. My wifi strength is not great but so far everything is roses. Now I get a couple of wifi light switches....You can bet that If this device gives me any grief I'll be back here to spout off about it right away. Guaranteed

Electricity savings in my future! Highly recommend for high voltage baseboard heating systems.

My husband and I were terrible at remembering to turn off the heating at nighttime...leading to some shockingly high heating bills. We were about to purchase a nest when we realized it wouldn't work with our high voltage baseboard heating...enter Mysa!We ordered our Mysa and my husband (an electrician) had it installed and up and running in a few minutes. Another 2 minutes and we had her hooked up to Alexa and can now voice control our heating from anywhere in the house! We haven't experienced any issues at all since we installed it about a week ago (no wifi connection dropping etc that other reviewers mentioned). My only complaint is on the Alexa integration - when I ask her to turn off the heating, she claims the device isn't responding, but I can see on both the Mysa itself and the app that it is in fact off. It doesn't bother me too much.I'm also using the Mysa energy usage stats on the app to compare against my daily total electricity usage to see where we can further reduce our usage/costs as we can now pinpoint what portion of our energy is driven by heating.All this on top of the sleek, modern design that blends into our home and is barely noticeable...just what we wanted!


I am disabled and where the thermostat is located is hard to get to. I have been looking for a smart thermostat for quite some time now that works with base board heat. I just had this thermostat hooked up today and I already love it. I have it synced to my google assistant and can control my heat by voice command. I think it is very cool that it shows the current temp of the room. It does not have the features the NEST has, but hey it is not near the price of a NEST either. I am more then happy with this. It was easy to set up. Thank you MYSA for making a product for the people with baseboard heat. I am looking forward to making use of the scheduler as well

Perfect. Absolutely Perfect.

Let me preface this by saying, "Baseboard heating is costly and stupid. Get a better heating system if you can.If you can't, BUY THIS THERMOSTAT!"Story-timeI live in a small house that has baseboard heaters installed throughout it. It originally came with a honeywell mechanical thermostat that was not accurate at all. The temperature would sling from freezing to burning back to freezing. The fluctuations were intolerable. Plus, the price for electric heating is insane. So here I am: poor, cold and angry this winter because of these baseboard heaters. This all changed (mostly) when I changed my thermostat.The part that mattersI was able to check my heaters' compatibility with the site's checker. Installation was straightforward (look at how your old thermostat was wired then look at the diagram). The app downloaded without a problem and connected to my wireless network effortlessly. Now, I can set my thermostat on a timer or in real-time wherever I have a network connection. This eased my money woes some. As for my temperature fluctuation problems- they're no more. The thermostat would turn on the heater frequently to maintain the temperature. I would describe it as like how pulse width modulation works. This differs from the heater going full blast then letting the temperature drop to an "acceptable" degree before kicking on again.Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. Now I'm less poor, less angry, and actually warm.

So far so good

My old dummy thermostat went bad, and i really wanted a smart one. Being a high voltage house, I tried to make the Google Nest work, because 1, i like the extra features and the look, and 2, i didnt know Mysa existed.Well, after about a week of use, I'm a fan. It ~mostly~ works with my Google Home, I'm still trying to figure out the language to control it. The app works, does everything it's supposed to. I'm convinced the reviewers who complain about the WiFi just dont "get" it, or have a deficient wireless setup in their homes because I've had no connectivity problems. Or the firmware version they're on now just fixed the problems.Either way, when the time comes to need more thermostats replaced in the house, we'll probably continue using Mysa.