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Wireless Earbuds - 30-Hours Playtime

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology& Easy Pairing: Adopting the most advanced Bluetooth 5. 0 technology. 
  • Touch Control & Smart LED Digital Display: Features with touch control sensors, this headset can largely minimize the pressure on your ears when you touch the button for various functions. In the wireless charging case, the smart LED digital screen can check the battery consumption display at any time.
  • Comfortable Wearing, Premium Fidelity Stereo Sound Quality: The wireless earbuds are designed of curved in-ear by silicone ear hooks, holding wireless Bluetooth headphones in place even during active movements. It has a 10mm large size speaker driver and the drive area is 2.77 times the normal drive area.
  • IPX8 Waterproof Earbuds: The earbuds can be used 1-meter deep for 30-minutes.  
  • Charge on the wireless earbuds can last up to 30-hours. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Overall Great Pick for wireless earbuds

This is my first set or truly wireless earbuds, but I made sure to read up on features and see reviews before purchasing. My biggest hesitation before buying was that I was worried that the sound quality couldn’t possibly be as good as my trusty wired earbuds. But, after reading many of the reviews on many other types, this one came back with a lot of good comments about sound quality, so I gave in and ordered them in white.Now i have only had these for a day or two, but I am happy to report that the sound quality is actually As-Good as my wired ones, which themselves were great. Not only that, the bass quality was right on point as well. Huge plus.Comfort: I have fairly small ears, and I was worried about them being heavy or not fit properly. I was also worried about them making my ears sore. Well, I am happy report that I wore them for several hours last night and for several hours again today - no pain. They are not nearly as heavy as I was expecting, which was another big plus. As for the fit, I needed to put the smallest of the silicone earpieces on them, but then they were a good fit.They didn’t fall out as I moved about my kitchen (even danced a bit -lol) and they stayed put.Battery: the left one died a few minutes after unpacking the box, but after charging them, they lasted about 4 hours before the battery level getting low. I charged them overnight, and they lasted another 5 hours. The charging is FAST, though, so you don’t have to wait hours and hours for them to be ready to go again. So would I love them to last longer on a charge? Yes probably...but for my lifestyle, 5 hours is plenty. (Updated note: after owning these for a couple of months, they only last about 3 hours before needing a charge, and the right one doesn’t hold a charge as well as the left one for some reason. This might just be my pair. We will see over the next few months if they continue to decline...)Phone call use: I did a test call and I could hear the other person fine, and they could hear me...they just said it was slightly quieter than normal, but still could hear me clearly.The background noise blocking was moderately good. I think if the fit was really snug it would be better, but I’d say they were about 80% as good as my noise-cancelling wired earbuds. But I still have to take them out if someone wants to talk to me, so it blocks plenty of sound out. And if your fit is better, I’m sure it would be great.Signal: the packaging says the distance range is about 10 meters. I tested that and I think I went farther than that without them disconnecting. Maybe I should measure next time, but no need. I went far enough to be impressed.Updated note: these little guys don’t like to be separated, though. If you are only using one in your ear and one on a table or somewhere not in your ear (but turned on), there tends to be an intermittent sputtering of the sound until they are close together again (I.e., both in your ears). It happens less when they are fully charged, and if you only want to wear one, just don’t turn on the left one and you’ll be fine.Overall thoughts: I am very pleased with these. I love the sound of my music and not getting tangled up in cords, or feel the shock of accidentally ripping one out of my ear because of getting caught in cords. Bring on my moving-constantly lifestyle - I’m ready to enjoy my wireless life! Totally worth the price. Get some.

Totalmente recomendados

Excelentes Audífonos. Se cargan fácilmente con el estuche de los mismos y este se carga inhalambricamente. Adiós cables!! Se enciende automáticamente y se conectan al teléfono de inmediato con solo sacarlos del estuche.Se escucha perfecto y me escuchan excelente al conversar por teléfono. Totalmente recomendados!

The Best Affordable Wireless Earbuds

I've been using "wireless" earbuds for the last few years, and although they're more convenient than wired ones the fact that they still are connected to each other with a wire pretty much still makes them a bit "in the way." I loved the idea of the AirPods being truly wireless and having a secure storage case that charges the earbuds but I didn't like the design of the earbuds themselves or the shape Apple uses as I prefer in-ear ones. Paired with a high price tag and average sound quality I looked on here to see what true wireless earbuds were available and the Tozo T10s stood out the most. They have the in-ear style earbud, compact charging case, and are very affordable. There are many different wireless earbuds to choose from but I really like the small design of the earbuds themselves, not too long, and don't come with any wing tips that take a bit longer to line up in your ear. Also the charging case is the perfect size, not being too tall or wide, and unlike the majority of other charging cases it can be charged wirelessly and is IPX8 waterproof. The sound quality of the earbuds is very good for my needs of connecting them to my Apple TV and iPad to watch TV shows, YouTube, and music. They usually last between 3-4 hours of listening out of the case which is great and when you do put them back in the case they charge back up very quickly and you can get several recharges out of the carrying case itself before it needs recharged, which also is very fast to charge up. The best method to have the earbuds pair to each other quickly and then to your device is to remove the Right one first, and very quickly (half a second after) remove the Left. That way the right starts searching and as soon as the left one comes on it picks it up and then immediately pairs to whatever device you're using. The only two things I don't like is since the right bud pairs to the left it counts as a connected device and then you can only connect to one other device (for example an iPhone.) It seems even bluetooth 5.0 still can only connect to 2 devices at the same time but since the left earbud counts as a connected device that really only leaves you one. So if they're paired to my Apple TV (which never shuts off) then if I want to connect them to my iPad they'll auto connect to the Apple TV if they were last used on it so I have to manually disconnect them and then they'll pair to the iPad. The buds both have a clickable button but it only does Play/Pause or answers a call, and if you long press it redials the last number you called. I rarely make calls on my iPhone and even if I do I'm not going to use the earbuds with it, I only use them for music and video, so I would prefer that the button functioned as media controls. One button can control several playback features (for example, I press is play/pause, 2 presses is skip forward, and 3 presses is skip back, and since both earbuds have a button one long press on the right could be volume up and one long press on the left is volume down.) Although it's not a big deal, I think those features could make these earbuds truly perfect and hopefully they can release a newer model with those features as I'd gladly buy another pair.

Good quality Bluetooth earbuds...

Initially I was having trouble getting the earbuds to fit properly; they were sticking out where they should have been more flush with my ear opening… After a few attempts I finally got them in right, (see bottom row of image) but it was a challenge at first; helped to stand in front of a mirror. Once you get it right it makes sense and is a snap to fit. It was my first set of Bluetooth earbuds so it was on a steep learning curve to figure it all out at once.Trying all the different sized tips (included) was useful, finally settled on the medium sized ones with good results. I found that learning to put the buds in, in front of a mirror at first was helpful, as was licking the tips for lubrication made the task easier. It takes a simple rotation of the bud to the back that locks the bud in the right position. Once you get it right and see how it fits, it gets easier.The sound is surprisingly very good quality and with good base. If it sounds too thin & tinny initially, it’s a sign that the buds are not properly positioned in the ear.I tried all the included rubber-tip fittings and settled in on the medium. The directions are ambiguous at times and I don’t know if something was lost in the translation, but it easy to figure out and they have a very responsive support team. I contacted them and was linked to several pages and videos that were very helpful.I like the product and can now listen to my Kindle books without disturbing others. Connecting with iPhone/iPad was easy. The charging unit is small enough to carry in my pocket and comes with a lanyard so you can hang around your neck. Nice little compact unit.All in all a nice addition to my pile of technology... :)

Earbuds are Incredible Regardless of Price!

So I had a pair of Bose Wireless Sport Earbuds that I dearly loved and cost me about $200.00. Unfortunately (and this is I swear, a true story), my dog ate one of them... I nearly cried. Now understand that I work out at a minimum of 3 times a week - usually 4, and I sweat like the Beast. I cannot wear (nor stand) the Apple earbuds and was desperate to get another pair ASAP. Yeah, well I was having a hard time swallowing (pardon the pun) another $200 expenditure on a replacement set of Bose buds... Enter the TOZO. I saw that these got a high rating here on and figured at a 1/4 of the price of the Bose, I'd give them a try. Man! Am I glad I did. Any of the other good reviews on here pretty much sum up how I feel about them. They're about 1/2 the size of my Bose (see image), stay in place while running and doing cardio, pairing is a breeze and reliable, and the battery time is excellent. The bass is solid and the highs are clear. One other thing these have over the Bose is the ability to drop them onto my wireless charger... Works great and is very rapid! Also, wanted to mention that the microphone is every bit as good as the one from Bose and I've asked friends how I sounded and they all said "great". As for being waterproof... Well, I can't say I've jumped into the shower with them or anything even though the manual practically encourages you to do so, but I can say, that they hold up to some massive sweating with no issue! All in all, a great buy and I'd say they hold up to any of the competition regardless of the price!