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65.6 Feet LED Strip Lights

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  • 65.6 feet LED strip lights.
  • The timing function allows you to set the timer.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Music and microphone mode function.
  • Wide range use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Excellent lights for party decorations and man cave, that bounce to the music and has it's own app!

Very awesome lights with only one small tiny complaint, that can mostly looked over. So the lights are super bright and look awesome and are very reactive when it comes to playing with the music. There are tons of these style lights available, so finding the best one's are not easy. This model includes different flash modes, a remote with color picker, a full blown phone app to really nail down the control aspects. The only griped I could come up with is the fact that if you want the music to make the lights change, you must activate the feature through the phone app, and then the phone must stay within listening range as it uses the phone Mic. If you walk out of range with your phone, the lights will stop bouncing to the music.. Not a terrible deal breaker though... it still gets a 5 star for all the included bells and whistle


The lights are perfect, work as described. All lights lit up. I accidentally messed up and forgot to cut the wire before I hung it up so now there’s a gap. I’d get connectors to fix it but it’s $10 and not worth it in my opinion, so it’s just going to be there, oh well. I was going to take it all off and move it over so it’ll close it, but the adhesive was too sticky and tore off so I had to just leave it. The adapters are a bit ugly to look at, but it’s just how it is. I bought 2 of the 32 ft ones and I didn’t want to go through the trouble to connect the two, that’s why I have 2 different ones. One remote worked for both lights too. Other than that, they’re fine.EDIT: I ended up getting connectors and they worked perfectly. No more gap!

Great Price and Great Fun

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I purchased these for my girlfriend and she loves them! My original review was simply to see if the gift card was legit (it is, I used it to buy printer ink). I bought another set for myself, I'm a music lover, so I wanted them to flash to music. The short video shows the four(4) different music settings (turn the volume up when you watch it)... I love these things. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Impressed with the quality and the price

Did a lot of homework and came up with this brand as the best and so far I would agree. Phone app makes up for the limited remote features. I like that the bluetooth connectivity does not depend on any Alexa-type device. Note that only one phone at a time can control. Also you can control multiple units with the app, but they may not always be in sync, as one strip unit may be off by a fraction of a second from another unit. This product created great mood lighting and basic task lighting for our kitchen. Note that if you need serious task lighting for your kitchen, these may not be bright enough for you. In that case you will want to go up to 600LEDs strips instead of 300LEDs as these are. Note also that the strips are a bit delicate, so handle with care. For the top of cabinets, I used push pins to hold the strip in place. BE CAREFUL to push pin in between the wires or you will ruin the strip!! The safest place to put the pin is near the cut point since you can more clearly see where the wires are. Finally, in spite of what others say, I felt the adhesive was quite strong. I think it depends on the surface it is being applied to. It must be smooth, dry and clean. I wiped the surface down with rubbing alcohol to be extra clean and the adherence was excellent. Overall, very happy with the product and easy of setup.

Awesome Product! Looks good, reliable, simple :)

I've tried several of these for a project I'm working on. Get this one!Bright colors, easy to use, reliable. Can be cut to length. The remote works from a good distance.Other products have not been reliable, so I've gotten better at knowing what to look for. This is the fifth one I've tried, and the best by far!The kids love them, and the music sync thing (not sure what to call it). But, the kids want to dance with the lights.I don't plan to buy any other brands or work with this anymore, beyond buying more of these. I'll update this if I have any problems anytime soon. I've got too much going on to nit pick something that I want to just work. This does that, it just works, now on to more important things.This is a premium product, not a cheap piece of crap. There are a lot of poor quality competitors, it's not worth the headache. Get this one :)