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50 Feet LED Strip Lights

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  • Customized Strip Lights: DIY mode, selecting the color you like, then add the mode changing to suit the needs of different scenarios. The Diy length can be cut between every 3-beads according to your needs, the package is equipped with connectors.
  • Smart App Led Lights: 16 million colors can be chosen along with 29-dynamic modes.
  • Music Sync LED Strip Lights: The built-in high sensitivity microphone syncs with any music coming out of the speaker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These lights are awesome you can change them manually or set them to change on beat with music. They are a great price and my daughter loves them! Also, putting them up was a breeZe!

Works great

These lights work great in my new apartment. My room is a bit dark and big, so these lights make it feel a bit more homey. They have a lot of settings and the remote works well. Haven't tried the app yet but an added plus if you prefer using your phone over their remote.

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted!

I'd been looking into getting some LED backlights for my TV, but when I finally upgraded my TV and sound system, I gave in and bought these. We ran I to a little snag with one of the three rolls of lights (the wiring that connected to the power source was torn) but with all the connectors it came with, it worked out! We didn't need all 3 rolls for the back of our 65" TV. We used 2 rolls and still had some left over on the ends that we trimmed off! Very easy to install, and I love that you can either use the remote or the app on your phone.One thing to mention: I have a sound system that also comes with a remote (and works with my TV remote since they're the same brand). If you also have this setup, using the LED remote might also send radio signals to your soundbar. Nothing major, just for certain lighting options on the LED remote, it communicates with my soundbar and prompts it to search for bluetooth devices lol. I end up using the app most of the time anyways. Perfect either way!

These lights are perfect! I'll be buying more!

I used these lights for my bedroom. I have 3 bedrooms and there are 3 different types of lights in them now. I love the lights in my bedroom! In the pictures there's pink, purple, and white. There's so many options that I can use between the app and the remote, I even got some compliments already. I tested out the music mode and other options in the app, like saving my pink lights. I don't have an Alexa or Google module in this room, so I do need to try to test that out if it's an option. That would be amazing to be able to turn them off via Alexa/Google. The best things is I finally got rid of my stand still lamp, which was taking up too much room! It will be interesting to see how long these last. They only took my boyfriend about 20 minutes to put up and he didn't have a single complaint. He even took them off the wall at times and they stuck right back on without any of the screws etc it came with.

Easy to install

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. These led lights worl like any other lights so no introduction necessary. There are three plugs for three led strips that come up with it. But I instead daisy chain them and make one long strip and they work perfectly fine. So basically I can buy individual strips and use them together. They really spiced up my living room.