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32.8 Feet LED Strip Lights

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  • Voice Control Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri: Free up your hands and power your Alexa LED light strip on and off, change colors, or adjust brightness and scene with simple voice commands. No hub required.
  • Wireless Smart App Control From Anywhere: Just connect the smart LED strip lights to Wi-Fi for App control from anywhere. The full-featured App provides 16 million colors, 1-100% brightness, 2000k-9000k color temperature, multiple scene modes, customizable DIY mode, music sync, timer, and more incredible features. IR remote provides direct control.
  • Music Sync & Timer Setting & Memory Function1: Our LED strip lights can sync with any music/voice/hands claps and light change along with the rhythm. 2 LED bedroom lights will seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle by allowing you to set a timer for the light to automatically turn on/off at your desired times. 3Memory function allows the smart light strip to restore the previous color when used again.

Customer Reviews

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Best LED Strip I've bought so far

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This RGB LED strip was the best one I've bought so far, I bought about 3 and so far this is the best among the 3. These are my pros and cons as to why I feel this is the best one I bought so far.Pros:-Works with Google Home (I cannot verify for Alexa users because I dont own one, also see attached video.)-Easy setup with phone control-Comes with remote control for easy plug and play setup.-Controller has 2 ports for setting up multiple LED strips-Comes with adhesives on the back if the LED strips and with wall mounting clips-Also has extension cables for when you need to cut and attach LED strips-Kept LED strips on throughout the day with no issues-LEDs are bright, able to shine out even while other room lights are on in the room-Instructions in manual come in several languages and are very easy to follow for setting up.Cons:-Controller hub does not come with adhesive back (but its nothing double sided tape cant fix)-Power block is large (not really a Con for me but might be for others)-Not much customizability with the remote (you get great customization when you use the App)-Only works with 2.4Ghz wifi

Feature packed and easy to use!

After setting up a new workstation in my room I noticed it was always a bit dim around my desk so I wanted to brighten up the area a bit. I was originally thinking a small lamp or reading light to help but decided in LEDS instead. After searching I came across these, what peaked my interest the most was all the included hardware and software! Mounting the lights was an absolute breeze sue to the mounting clips that come provided! They feel very sturdy along with being easy to install it was a no brainer.The duel pack was exactly what I was looking for because my dresser and desk are close enough to each other to be able to connect both strips on the same power unit perfectly.Setting up the lights through the app was simple and self explanatory for the most part but the app walks you through it as well. Connecting to google home is a must since I try and automate everything now a days. I works flawlessly with commands like turning on/off and changing the color of the lights.Colors are bright and vivid, Combinations are endless and the app allows you to diel in the perfect shade of what ever color you're going for. Highly recommend!

Exceeded my high expectations

I only had to use one strip of lights. I like that you have the option to use just half, and save the other, or buy additional plug in to use the other half elsewhere. I got this for a very reasonable price and I'm happy with the outcome.Application was easy. I used a sanitizing wipe and allowed to dry before sticking. There was no issue along the desk or in the wall/doorframe. It stuck consistently, even around corners. It came on steel too, just very simple and quick application.I used this to bring light and happiness to my little study nook before school starts back. The color wheel available is pretty seemless and you can save 5 or 6 custom colors & brightness for each.Happy with my purchase!

Easy to install to get a nice visual improvement

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I was really impressed. When I picked up a new car a few years so LED lighting was the first thing I added, it just adds a nice bit of ambience. I never thought about putting them in the house until just recently, even though we had hung a strip of Christmas lights in the window and left them there. LoL I was very impressed by how easy these were to put up and how great the adhesive worked, my car strips weren’t nearly as good. No problem running these around the window after cleaning the trim boards and we really like the flexibility of the colors and brightness. There are fading and flashing options, but we will probably just pick a color and leave them for a while. Can’t beat the price for the performance level, it really adds a nice touch to the living room. The remote control works from across the room and eventually we will look at getting the smart integrations set up. Very pleased.

This is going to work for my van application

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I included a picture of solid white and a video of the white light dimming using the remote. These images show one of the 2 LED strips temporarily taped to the ceiling of my van that I am in the early stages of converting into an RV of sorts. The images were taken late day with light coming through my front windows. I was impressed with the brightness of a single strip and the dimming worked flawlessly with the remote. The light has a slight pinkish tinge in the images, but that results from reflections off of other surfaces; the light output is white and seems to be in the middle of the color temperature range, not yellow or blue.The AC power supply uses a standard barrel adapter to connect to the LED controller, so it will be easy to toss the AC adapter in favor of a direct connection to my vehicles 12V system. The remote is a remote:) It works fine and allows dimming and color change options that I did not show. I mostly want white light since the strips will be recessed in the van ceiling for general lighting. I'd like the opportunity to hold down the remote button for dimming, but it requires repeated presses to dim from bright to low.I successfully connected to my Google Home Mini and was able to control all of the functions including brightness, color and several other effects. This makes it super easy to set exact dimming levels, though I probably won't be using a smart speaker in my van.I can't comment on the adhesive, as I have yet to try it.All in all, it will be an inexpensive lighting solution for my van, I was going to install recessed lights, but I may give it a go with just these lights to start since they will provide more than adequate overall lighting. Perhaps I'll use a few small focused lights for cooking or reading in addition, but that's wait and see for now.