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Smart Speaker - 50 Hour Rechargeable Battery

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  • Superior Sound:  The 2-way speaker delivers a full-range sound and the internal amplifier energizes your Alexa experience with up to 50x power. Bass boost pumps up the low end for room-filling sound.
  • The Power Of Alexa:  Utilize Alexa to make calls, play music, and more.
  • Easy pair Bluetooth Connectivity: Easy pair links your NFC enabled smartphone with a single tap and streams music wirelessly to this portable speaker from any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Everything You Need: Includes a remote control, AM/FM radio with presets, Microphone with a cable, and an Aux input for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This thing will go anywhere.

This block rocker plus kicks ass. We got to use this for the first time at my daughters wedding rehearsal dinner. It was the hit of the party. We didn’t only use the microphone that came with it, we blasted the music all night long. I recommend this for all occasions. Can’t wait to do some karaoke night.

Great for music at work

I purchased this to use at work. I have many speakers, so I did not need this one.I clean at a school and wanted to have one just to leave at work that is loud. I have others that are very loud, but don't want to leave them behind.I charge this every three days, and use this about six hours each night. I use an iPod connected to this and play my music. I have this on the loud side, so most of us can hear the music. We use radios for communication, and sometimes I miss a call, oops the music is loud.I play sixties and seventies rock music and it sound great. If we ever drop it down the stairs and break it I will purchase again. I think of this as ours at work, not just mine. I share what I have and some want to buy one.I like how it has wheels and a telescoping handle, great for moving it around. I usually have this on my cleaning cart ( an old metal thing I turned into a cleaning cart).


So far so good. I received it before my husband's annual Halloween birthday party. I told our friend who is DJ not to lug all his equipment because I have a speaker. He fell in love with it! It was charged right out the box, but I charged it to full capacity. Even if the built in battery dies, .you can plug it in. I had no problems connecting Bluetooth with my phone. It is extremely loud especially if you turn the volume up on your phone. The mic is nice, used it a few times. No static. It's not heavy but it has wheels for easy transportation and handles on both sides to pick it up. It also has aux to charge your phone. What's not to love about this speaker. I just hope it last.

Loud and good quality

Sound is good and plenty loud for a party. Can hear a block away. Big speaker but not too heavy to lift. Rolls nicely on wheels. I measured top volume to be 73 decibels but I didn't add bass boost to that. Bluetooth connects easily and from some distance. I also tried similar EcoXGear speaker. That one is heavy to lift into car, but more rugged. It got to 83 decibels. Didn't have a microphone but could take one. Ion includes a mic. About equal sound quality between the two speakers. I recommend either, depending on your needs.

Used mostly for presentations. Great blend of power and portability.

I carry this speaker along with a couple of FiFine wireless mics (K037B wireless headset and lavalier lapel and K025 handheld. No affiliation with that company, but they are popular purchases so I wanted to mention this). I needed something that could operate without being plugged in, but I wanted something more powerful than the typical voice amplifier speakers. I knew that this would be bigger than ideal, but also that it would add a lot of utility. I can plug my laptop in through the AUX input, connect my phone or iPad with Bluetooth, and use any mic that plugs in or can be adapted to the 1/4" input.This isn't a $500 Bose speaker, but it didn't cost $500 either, so set your expectations. With the Bass Boost on, the sound quality for streaming music is admirable at normal volumes. Having separate volume controls for the master and the mic allows me to voice-over a video that's playing from my laptop, or to call guests back in from a meeting break while we have some background music playing. The ability to adjust mic and master is also nice and easy to explain to a helper without the complication of a 10-channel mixing board!Setup was easy and intuitive. I held down the Bluetooth button, and the speaker showed up instantly to pair on my phone. AM/FM radio functionality isn't much value to me, but it picks up a good signal and you can set 10 presets.Included wired mic seems serviceable, though I don't plan to use it unless I have problems with the wireless units. I'm glad that the mic isn't hard-wired, so that you can unplug it when not in use, or use other mics.Battery came charged. Not sure what to expect, but I wanted to at least make sure I could get 4-5 hours out of it (advertised 8-10). After six hours of continued playback of streaming audio via Bluetooth, the battery meter still showed 25% charge, which should be more than adequate for me. It has a USB port for charging (1 amp, so better than 0.5, but not as fast as 2.1). I can imagine this would have a small impact on battery life.Early rating of 5 stars. It seems extremely well built, and sometimes when I look at it next to my Bose Revolve Bluetooth speaker, I can't believe that the Tailgater cost $75 less! That being said, you can't throw this in your computer bag or backpack. I wish it was more compact, but that's no fault of the product or the seller. As advertised (or better!).