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Smart Speaker - Charcoal

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  • The sleek, compact design delivers crisp vocals and balanced bass for a full sound. The speaker is also compatible with Alexa. 
  • Ask Alexa to tell a joke, play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather, set alarms, and more.
  • Use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible devices.
  • Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best dot ever ��

I currently have 6 Echo devices and I have had nearly every model since the original pringles can design. I love the look of the new globe style dots. I purchased this latest dot for use near my new Xbox in the media room. the sound is excellent for its size and I love the futuristic look and shape of the device. Highly recommended! Amazingly simple setup took all of 20 seconds using the alexa..com website!

It's clearer and adjustable, I love it!

I don't understand some of the other reviews.Power brick: Yes the power brick is bigger, it's longer, not wider or thicker, but if you read the information, it's because it has advanced power management, it only supplies what's needed and drops lower in standby mode. I uploaded a comparison photo.The cord: Yes the cord is white, I don't see the problem with that, mine is on a table, the cord behind it, I don't see the cord, also, you can use a sharpie and color it how you like or buy cable sleeving and change it that way, or bundle it with other cords and use a cable wrap.The sound: I never understood the 3rd gen dot, the speaker fires down, there are no holes in the fabric area, or under the speaker, if you have one, turn it on it's side, you'll be surprised by the difference! This one has a larger speaker, fires forward and upward, the sound is clearer, crisper, if you want more base or less treble, open the Alexa app, you can adjust bass, midrange and treble to your preference.Placement: it's small and light, you can use a couple of command strips or there's already a mounting device and there will probably be more as people get ideas and invent holders.Microphones: It took me some digging to find out where they put the microphones, there's no schematic yet but looking at the disassembly videos and articles, they appear to be around the buttons on top. I've tried different things, it's in my living room, I tried turning my back to it from 10 feet away, talking to it from my bathroom with the door open, talking from my kitchen pass through with the TV on, so far it's only not responded once out of many times daily, I don't know why it didn't hear me that time but it almost always does.Function: I'm a disabled veteran, 60 years old, and widowed. I have smart lights and switches so I can turn lights on before I enter a room and turn off the ones in the room I just left. Skills, there are thousands of Alexa skills and you can learn to create and publish your own, it has skills for home function, guarding while you're away, alerting you for your home security system, playing games, telling jokes, making lists, looking up information, calling family members who also have an Echo. One thing I found really handy is, you can pair it by bluetooth with your phone, when someone calls you, you can answer and talk hands free, it's very handy when I'm cooking or doing crafts, I don't miss the call and have to call back the person later. There are so many things this does, it's really amazing! You can even have a conversation with Alexa, I was quite surprised by that when I had a 45 minute conversation with her!I'm new to owning the devices but I've had the app in my phone for 3 years and I really love the devices, they make everything easier for me and I now can play music and listen to TV through the devices instead of the small TV speakers. I'm totally addicted now and I'd be really upset if I had to give up my devices, lol!

So far so good!

I have a few Dots around the house. One decided to have an attitude and she had to be replaced. Problem with voice recognition. I still pay the bills around here so she is not here any more!! HaHa!! I replaced her with the new Echo Dot 4th Gen in Blue. How pretty! It matches my home furnishings. Love the ball design. Very different but really kool. Sound is beautiful. I love playing music and the tone is great. I'll update if I run into a problem but so far I'm really pleased with this new design, color and sound. Highly recommend.

Black device, white cable

Device is great, but beware... the black ones come with a white cable... unlike the previous model. No idea why they did this.

Tiny size. PHENOMENAL sound.

Much smaller than expected but the sound is phenomenal. I have almost every single version of the Echo and Echo dot in my house for an easy to use Spotify music setup to surround my upstairs with music but this little orb is the best sounding of the lot. Highly recommended and a great improve over the Dot. I hope that keeps this style for a while.