Why Do You Need A Self-Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner In Your Life!

Why Do You Need A Self-Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner In Your Life!

Vacuum cleaning the house is something we despise at some point. I mean, what’s so exciting about doing chores? Yeah...yeah...your home will look neat and clean; I get it. But then we always don’t have the energy to do vacuuming all the time! Another bad aspect of vacuuming is that regular vacuuming can induce pain in the back, entirely uncalled for. 

Suppose you don’t want to hurt your back or spend time doing boring and monotonous tasks. In that case, there’s a solution for that, and that is an automatic vacuum cleaner. Automatic vacuum cleaner robots are compact but handy whenever you need to clean up your floors. They are small in shapes and size and very affordable. Using this little tool, you can do your other chores diligently while it keeps self-cleaning. But wait! That’s not the only benefit of a self-cleaning vacuum cleaner. If you are interested to learn the reasons why people use these vacuum cleaners, follow this article. Below are a few reasons why you should also one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for a quick clean-up.

No assistance required

These automatic vacuum cleaning robots simply beats the manual vacuum cleaners for this reason - they are self-cleaning. A self-cleaning vacuum doesn’t need you to drag it using your hands. The device contains motion and tracking sensors that are able to move on their own while sensing the position of the furniture and things on the floor. A few clicks on buttons, and it’s ready to do the cleaning for you. So, if you are tired or not feeling like vacuum cleaning yourself, have pains in the joints or any part of your body, you can use this robot cleaner for tidying up your home. 

Minimal Maintenance

Robotic vacuums don’t need complex maintenance like manual ones. The robotic cleaners are made of materials and technology that are easy to handle and care for. Replace the battery when needed, keep the inside of the vacuum dirt-free and wash the vacuum frequently, and you are good to go. Also, keep your floors clean by removing the clutter; this makes it easier for your robotic cleaner to perform the task quickly and effortlessly with minimal damages.

Saves Time

One of the most prominent reasons for using automatic robotic vacuum is that they are less time-consuming. If you are busy or simply have no time for cleaning each and every floor of your home, this tool is very efficient in saving your time. You don’t have to supervise during the cleaning session as the cleaner can wipe the floors without your guide. Therefore you can just turn them on and let them take care of the floor while doing other things. Some models also include apps for phones and tabs so that you can control the speed and precision of the vacuum cleaner. An excellent multi-tasking tool!

Consist Of Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Imagine you are out, and suddenly you realized you forgot to clean the floors. It is a situation that occurs most often than not. Sure, you can clean them later when you get back home, no biggie! But what if this calls for an emergency situation? For example, someone important is coming to visit you, and you want your floors to be squeaky cleaned? What if you have a date night coming along? And to solve all these problems, the robotic vacuum is there for you. All you need to do is to install it properly, and voila! To keep your efforts minimal, some models even come with pre-installed programs, which means it is capable of auto-starting. 

Durable & Practical

As they are manufactured keeping consumer’s busy lifestyles in mind, the robotic vacuums are practical and durable. They are specially designed to withstand heavy damages done when colliding with the furniture during the cleaning process. This ensures that your vacuums stay all well and last longer than other manual vacuums. Also, we know that these vacuums are packed with sensors which means they detect the floor surface’s texture. Whether it’s wooden, concrete, or carpet, the machine can readjust the settings to ensure optimum effort.


Not only does a robotic vac clean surfaces itself, but it is also absolutely capable of self-charging. After it finishes the cleaning task, the vacuum will immediately return to the docking station to restore its battery juice. So, even if your battery is low, you don’t need to worry about it as it will rush to the dock itself to complete the charging process. And once the charge completes, you will have your vacuum ready for another go!

The Smart Vacuums We Like (A Lot!)

At The Classy Bark, we simply keep the best self-cleaning robot vacuums for our customers. Here are a few lovely ones that the customers and we are currently liking in 2021.

1. Victony Smart Vac With Google & Alexa

Runtime: 80-100 minutes

Suction power: 1650Pa 

This self-cleaning vacuum robot provides smart navigation and resist bumping into furniture or obstacles, and prevents itself from crushing down the stairway. The robot cleaner contains 4 selective cleaning modes: Automatic, Spot, Max Vacuuming & Edge Cleaning. You can choose the cleaning levels and modes according to your need. You can also connect it with WiFI, Google Assitant, and Alexa to allow them to start or stop your robot by the voice commands. 

2. Insẽ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Black)

Runtime: 100 - 120 minutes

Suction power: 2000Pa

Insẽ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Black)

The vacuum cleaner needs no WiFi or app to operate, which means absolutely zero hassles. All you need to do is schedule a time for daily cleaning or press the start button whenever you want to clean it. The motors and sensors in the cleaner offer strong suction and do the job without inducing any noise. It’s great for cleaning carpeted floors, tiles, woods, etc. The 600 ml dust container is pretty big and can be emptied less often. It also automatically returns to the charging port while it hits a low battery.

3. ILife Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Runtime: 90 - 100 minutes

Suction power: 2000 Pa

ILife robot vacuum cleaner comes with an easy operating process using the remote control and one-touch self-clean button. Using intense suctioning power, this cleaner can safely remove pet hair, dust particles, and tiny pieces from hard floors, carpets, etc. Its compact size fits anywhere, so you can use it to clean under the bed and furniture where dust and dirt accumulate. The robot can also be self-charging, with an installed programmable schedule, smart sensors for obstacle detection, and anti-fall sensors. With easy maintenance, you only need to replace the inner filter once a month, and that’s about it.


So, that’s pretty much all we have for you today! The best-rated robot vacuum cleaners and why you should choose one. There are plenty of benefits of using these tools that you simply can’t deny. Not sure which one to pick? Why not talk to us and find out? We are happy to help you always!