Know The Good And The Bad Of Fitness Trackers!

Know The Good And The Bad Of Fitness Trackers!

A fitness tracker or smartwatch has become very popular during the past decade because of its benefits and efficiency. You surely know what a fitness tracker is. For those who don’t, it is a device that tracks your movements using motion sensors integrated into it. The movements measured are converted into numerical data and metrics. The metrics relay information like tracking calories, steps count, time and duration taken, etc. Apart from that, your tracker can also track your heart rate and pulse rate. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy an expensive fitness watch to track your activities. Many brands are manufacturing the best fitness, and sleep tracker watches at a very affordable price. There are so many benefits to these fitness trackers; however, with good comes the bad. 

Therefore, we are here to discuss the pros and cons of fitness trackers that may help you decide if it’s legit to buy one or not. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Pros Of Using Fitness Trackers

It helps in setting up fitness goals

We buy fitness watches because of this one prominent reason: to be healthy and fit. As it tracks all our functions, movements, and heart rate, it’s great to track our exercise level, the calories burned during workouts, etc. Owning a fitness band can keep us on track of getting leaner and fitter. Whether it’s a weight loss program or running training, fitness trackers help you set goals and make sure you achieve them at the desired time.

An outstanding motivator

Losing motivation on your fitness journey is a common setback. When we don’t see visual progress, our minds think that a particular exercise or diet is useless. Even worse, we tend to believe that We Are Useless! It’s not true, it’s just our minds’ way of tricking us into stopping doing good things to our bodies and eat more chips! And fitness watch kicks that lousy state of mind by showing you visual progress. It shows how many calories you burned in a session and estimates a total of calories lost in the future if you continue doing the exercises. Seeing your progress on the screen will surely motivate you to do more. All the progress also stops you from slacking off and being a couch potato! Think of your device as your electronic bestie, who always pushes you to exercise for your good!

Track your sleeping patterns

Yes! Tracking your sleep is possible thanks to the smartwatch. The quality of your sleep affects your metabolism, mood, and energy levels. That’s why doctors suggest 7-8 hours of sleep for adults. But many adults suffer from insomnia because of health reasons or by the usage of phones and apps at night. A tracker helps to keep tabs on your sleep patterns and shows the quality of sleep. Some trackers also show how many times you have woken up in the middle of sleep. This info is great to help you make better choices and necessary amendments for your sleeping patterns. 

Monitors your heart rate

Monitors your heart rate

Whether you are cardio training or strength training, keeping track of your heart rate is important. By monitoring your heart rate, you can optimize your fitness goals and boost your cardiovascular health. It’s also great to make sure you aren’t over-exerting yourself. The integrated sensors built inside your watch shoot light on the blood vessels to monitor the movement and detect any blood volume changes as the heart pumps. These changes are recorded by the amount of light reflected. Thus, a heart rate monitor inside your gear tracks your heart rate, giving you the most accurate reading.

The Cons of Using Fitness Trackers

Not Cost-effective

Best fitness tracker watches are often expensive. You will get the trackers at a lower price but not all present accurate reading and details. On the other hand, Apple watches and Samsung gears are very expensive, and you can’t just buy them for occasional uses. Therefore, most people get discouraged from buying one and use mobile apps instead. With that said, those who really want to buy one but aren’t willing to spend much money can buy the cheaper ones. You just need to keep your eyes open about certain functionalities when purchasing one.

Battery doesn't last long

Not gonna lie, but the battery issue seems to be the problem for most gear in the market, even the flagship ones. The battery life isn’t that great, which means you need to charge it daily. The charge doesn’t last long, so not sure if the gear can make it throughout a longer session of your workout. If your watch can’t survive and track the details during the entire training session, then what’s the point of buying one? And if you forget to charge it, you won’t get to track your health details that day, and that’s a shame.

Questiable accuracy of the reading

Indeed! Some trackers don’t provide 100% accurate measures. In fact, a recent study conducted by doctors revealed that the accuracy rate of smart gear highly differs from the mobile apps. The study was about pedometer (steps calculator), and there they found out that smart gear(both cheaper and high-end) isn’t as accurate as the apps built for mobiles. That is why you can’t heavily rely on smartwatches for counting steps, to say the least. 

Check Out Some Of These Fitness Trackers

If you want to track your heart rate along with tracking other details, check some of the best watches to track heart rates and steps. These are some of the affordable yet efficient options we found.

Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Watch: The built-in sensors track the heart rate and allow you to accurately track your steps, distance, duration, calories, and quality of sleep. It’s waterproof and sweatproof, so you can wear it during water activities or finish your intense workout session.

Fitness Tracker Watch (Pink): Need to track your child or teen’s heart rate? This tracking gear suits kids over age 4+ to teens and adults. The one-click system allows the tracker to get started within minutes. The tracker features Time/Date, step counter, calorie counter, alarm clock, heart rate sensor, and a lot more good stuff.

Fitness Tracking Watch (Black): The watch tracks real-time heart rate and steps automatically. It also tracks your sleep duration for a healthier sleep pattern. Some of the given features are steps counter, distance tracker, calorie burned counter, active minutes, and sleep status.

Final thoughts

There are pros and cons to everything in life, so don’t get discouraged by seeing the drawbacks of smartwatches. If you really want one, by all means, buy them. Not everyone’s fitness journey or requirement is the same, so the values can differ from person to person. In that case, take our suggestion with a grain of salt and buy yourself the fitness tracker you always wanted. Remember, it’s still better to have a tracker than not having one!